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Car Refrigerator


RWFLAME portable car refrigerator&electric cooler and warmer is the perfect take-along for your next adventure,this mini fridge is for car specially ,whether having food and drinks with friends in the backyard, or blazing a trail through the outback. when you go a road trip this portable compressor&portable cooler is necessary.

1.❄ STORAGE SPACE: This  quart portabler Refrigerator has a compact capacity of 17 Quarts (16Liter). Can fit 14 Bottles of 550ml Water or 27 Cans of 330 Cola. this portable cooler also can be devided into dual zone.

2.❄ CAR BATTERY PROTECTION: With temperature memory function and 3 different levels for battery protection: Low, Med and High to protect your vehicle battery without run down. It will changed by  ambient temperature.

3.❄ PREMIUM DESIGN: New LCD display panel with USB socket to charge your mobile devices. ECO/MAX Mode selection.

4.❄ HOME&CAR USE: Includes 12-24vDC power adapter; for cars trucks boats planes anything with 12- or 24-volt power; AND includes a 120-220vAC power adapter for home use anywhere with 120vAC.

5.❄ KEEP COOLING AND FRESH: 1 year warranty. Reliable sealing property construction, thick and high-Density Foam Insulation. Continues keep cooling performance during your journey. Fresh all way and super energy saving!

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