Why Choose Us

  As a professional fireplace manufacturer, R.W.FLAME is committed to providing the most perfect service to its customers. This includes not only high quality products, but also technical support, innovative research and customized service.

--- High Quality Products---

  As a fireplace manufacturer, R.W.FLAME has achieved quality control from design to shipment. Reasonable design, the highest quality parts and materials, make our products safe and reliable

  The strict standards of control and testing in the production process ensure the quality of the product.

---Technical Support---

  The R.W.FLAME team has the most sensible design and advanced flame technology, and has outstanding electrical and construction industry professionals who can provide technical support under different standards for different countries.

  From design recommendations to troubleshooting, we'll make sure you're enjoying the best fireplace products.

---Innovative Research---

  We insist on innovation and improvement, which is why we continue to advance. From the traditional fireplace products to the modern fireplace products, we have a good combination of tradition and new technologies.

---Customized Service---

  R.W.FLAME will provide customers with truly helpful products based on the needs of customers in different countries. Let our products warm you anywhere.