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About Us

Our Story

R.W.FLAME is a leading manufacturer of fireplaces. In the 20 years of production and development, R.W.FLAME has achieved remarkable results as an OEM factory and free brand manufacturer. The company is committed to innovation and promotes superior product development and environmental protection.

In 2007, we established our own R&D team. Based on the experience of successful products, we have developed our own unique product line. In terms of product design and flame technology, the company has achieved a series of achievements and obtained some patents.

R.W.FLAME's fireplace products are fully compliant with US and European electrical safety standards and are compliant with the latest ERP standards. Products are in a leading position in quality and environmental safety.


What We Sell

Rwflame provides customers with plenty of choices, we are professional maker in producing heating home appliances. You can find great fireplace here in winter.



                                  Our   office






500+ Employees       
50+ Factories partners
6 Large warehouses in USA&Canada
7000 Square meters warehouse area
10+ Online stores(on Amazon/Ebay/Walmart)
10,000 + Customers have purchased our items
$500,000  Sales amount per month