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Ice Maker


No matter the size of your room or the intended application, RW built-in ice maker&freestanding ice maker is ideal additions to any space it's in. Production: Able to produce up to 48 lbs. of ice at a time &265 lbs.of ice per day,This nugget  ice makers can produce two types of ice ,add the water tank with purified water,pressing on/off button and select"S/L" ice size after 6-8 minutes atutomatic ice cube will be produced. this ice machine is perfect for entertaining or keeping ice stocked for you and your family.

2.Included Scoop: The ice scoop included with the machine allows you to quickly and easily retrieve ice from the storage bin.

3.Easy to use controls: Built with an intuitive and easy to use control panel that has an LCD indicator for displaying water and ice making functions. The ice making time and the thickness of the ice cubes can be adjusted by pressing the (+) or (-) buttons. This machine is also equipped with an automatic cleaning function.

4.Energy saving: Equipped with a powerful 200W compressor to cool, it will be a mighty addition to your bar or under counter, while the water usage rate is up to 99%. (NOTE: Please transfer the ice cubes to freezer if you don't use them instantly).


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