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The Ultimate Humidor Buying Guide

The Ultimate Humidor Buying Guide

It is the most common scenario of extremely wealthy mafia bosses smoking a roll of tobacco in Hollywood films. However, a cigar is not only a status symbol for the rich but also a prelude to a little fling spicing up your life.


Envision a rare moment when you get to have a cigar and a glass of bourbon after a long week, either on your own or with friends. Most of us are too busy nowadays, so taking a time to slow down, indulging in cigar smoke, and having a good conversation is a true pleasure.


However, cigars are manufactured from high-quality materials, which can decay easily because the materials used are organic. You have to keep them fresh by storing them in a humidor.


Perhaps you want to have one, but you don’t know which one to choose. Fortunately, we exactly know what you need. In this informational post, you are going to know the basic knowledge of a humidor and its bestseller. This post is especially important and appealing if you are a cigar aficionado or a cigar seller.


What Makes the Best Cigar Humidor?

Learn about the best cigar humidors for aging your collection, you may be surprised to learn the best humidor is not as complicated as it seems. Here we have a hot-selling paradigm of cigar humidor, R.W. Flame, to show you the necessary characteristics of a good cigar humidor. Let’s have a look at those valuable things.


1.Sufficient Capacity

Cigar humidors come in various sizes, you must determine how many cigars you’d need to accommodate before purchasing a cigar humidor.

This R.W.Flame 15 Inch Cigar Humidor Black Electric Humidor is 14.9” W*22.9” D*34.2” H, a large capacity enough to hold cigars with 3.61 cube feet.

It has 2 adjustable wooden shelves and 1 adjustable wooden drawer, which could hold up to 500 cigars, meeting most users’ demands. 

With its large capacity, you can organize your collection cleanly and neatly with less mess. Every cigar stick will get sufficient air this way.  



2.Providing an Optimal Environment

Just like wine and Scotch, cigars require proper storage and maintenance for them to age well. A good humidor could keep your cigars in perfect smoking shape with a rich, sweet, and smoky flavor over weeks, months, or even years.


Here, the top-selling R.W. Flame Cigar Humidor has a heating and cooling function to keep cigars in the ideal condition.



Around 65-72% moisture and 63-70F temperature are favorable settings for cigars. And this R.W. Flame Cigar Humidor could provide a user-adjustable temperature range (61-72℉), a Humidity control range of 50-80%, suitable for longer storage and better flavor taste.

The Electronic Control of it helps avoid temperature and humidity fluctuations, making cigars stored in a natural environment.

Using semiconductor refrigeration technology and thermoelectric technology, the built-in fan on the back allows the inside air to circulate freely and frequently replace it with the outside ambient air. 

Air closed-loop circulation can effectively maintain humidity, avoiding the sinking of moist air, and making the humidity of the upper and lower layers more uniform.


3.Good Material

The type of wood inside the humidor plays a role in adding an aroma to your aging cigars, and Spanish cedar which R.W. Flame Cigar Humidor's shelves used is the highest recommended.

Cedar wood is considered the most favorable material for a humidor for cigars. It makes the overall internal atmosphere adequate for maintaining the cigars’ taste and smell.

And the door is made of metal, which is sturdier and more durable.


4.See-through Window


As a cigar enthusiast who cherishes cigars, you might really want to check how they are doing from time to time. But doing so will disturb the setting of the humidor.

The see-through glass of R.W.Flame Cigar Humidor can make it possible for you. The glass it used, moreover, won't be affected by outside light. With LED lighting within, you are able to read the gauge without opening the humidor during day or night. A view of your cigar collection will make your day joyful while not disturbing the humidity level.

And it can also be a great focal point when others come into your room.  It is especially a perfect way to display your entire cigar product line to customers.


5.Lockable Door

You probably won’t appreciate kids opening your humidor as it should be.

R.W.Flame Cigar Humidor provides Child Lock to keep safety for children and pets. You must go for a lockable door if you have naughty kids and curious teenagers.


6.Peace and Quiet

Using high efficiency and low energy consumption compressor, this R.W.Flame Cigar Electric Humidor can keep your collection cool quickly, while saving energy and efficiently dissipating heat.

It will run quietly in your home or office and not cause vibrations promising you a sweet dream. 


7.Enjoy the Freshest Cigars Around!

From every one of the cigar lovers, we hope this article has helped you search for the perfect cigar humidor for your home, or office. If there’s any you want to know about, please visit the R.W.Flame Store at


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