How to Install an Electric Fireplace

Do you want to add a beautiful electric fireplace to your wall?

Are you learning how to install a wall-mounted or recessed electric fireplace?

Actually, installing an electric fireplace in a wall is not as difficult as it may seem. Unlike wood-burning or fuel-powered fireplaces, the presence of an expert or qualified engineer isn’t quite necessary when it comes to electric fireplaces. So it’s perfectly possible that you can do this project on your own without the help of a professional.

Take an example of R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace, let's follow these instructions to install your new fireplace today!


Before You Begin

Electric fireplaces can be easier to install compared to other types of the fireplace but you’ll still need to consider a few things before installation: choosing a wall location and the right size of electric fireplace. 

First and foremost, you need to measure the space you have available before purchasing the fireplace. Make sure that there is enough room for the unit and any furniture that will be near it. As an electric fireplace needs a source of electricity to work, there needs to be some form of electrical supply installed near to the fireplace.

There are various sizes of R.W.FLAME Recessed Electric Fireplace Heater available to you: 36"L*3.86"W*18.11"H, 42"L*3.86"W*18.11"H, 50"L*3.89"W*18.11"H, 60"L*3.86"W*18.11"H, 68"L*3.86"W*18.11"H, which make it perfectly recessed in your wall.

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace can be installed with 2 options:

  1. Recessed Installation
  2. Wall-Mounted Installation


Recessed Installation

Since Recessed Electric Fireplaces are designed to fit inside a cavity, so there should be a cavity in your wall first. The appropriate cavity (1-2cm/0.4-0.8 inches bigger for each side) needs to be prepared according to the size of the appliance. Prior to installing the appliance, test to make sure the appliance operates properly by plugging the power supply cord into a conveniently located 120 Volt grounded outlet.

You may need a professional person to build a cavity first if you don’t have it. Other than that, there’s nothing that would require a professional. And, if you know how a wall-opening works, you can try it yourself.


Step 1. Removing the Glass Frame and the Mounting Bracket

Carefully remove the appliance from the box and remove the fixed screw in the lower-left corner (Do not discard it). Lift the glass frame 0.4-0.8 inches vertically. Then the entire glass frame can be removed from the front.

Take the glass frame 0.4-0.8 inches away from the appliance, and pull out the FFC connector with the help of others or put the glass panel down on the ground before complete separation.

Unscrew the two screws with a Phillips screwdriver from both ends (Do not discard them), then remove the pre-attached mounting bracket.



Step 2. Drilling & Installing the Wall Anchors

Put the electric fireplace in the cavity, and mark the holes which need to be drilled with a pen. Then take it out of the cavity again.

Drill the holes 7/25 in. (7mm) on the prepared marks.

Insert the wall anchors into the holes using a hammer.


Step 3. Placing the Pads and Fixing the Fireplace

Screws pass through the holes from the front of the fireplace with a screwdriver. Put the fireplace into the prepared cavity. Fasten the fireplace firmly into the wall by the screws for each side.


Step 4. Placing the Decorations

Carefully place crystal (together with the appliance) or other decoration into the bottom tray on the front of the appliance.

NOTE: Media bed kits may have sharp edges. Wear safety glasses and gloves when handling.


Step 5. Assemble the Glass Frame

Connect the FFC connector before attaching the glass frame to the appliance.

Gently engage the glass panel by aligning the hooks until the hooks snap into the corresponding positions (sinks down 1-2 cm/0.4-0.8 inches).

Secure the glass panel with the screw removed.

Thread the M4X12 screw into the threaded holes on the glass panel. Check the alignment of the glass panel and securely tighten the screws.



Wall-Mounted Installation 


Step1. Find a safe location. 

Minimum clearance between the ceiling and the mantel must be at least 8 inches (200mm); minimum clearance from the front must be at least 3 feet (900 mm). Choose a location near an outlet so an extension cord is not required.


Step 2. Drilling the Holes and Attaching the Mounting Bracket

Use a level to align the bracket and mark the holes which need to be drilled with a pen. Drill three to ten holes in the wall. The number of holes is dependent upon the model that you have bought. Each hole is 7/25 inches in diameter.

Insert the wall anchors into holes by using a hammer.

Attach the mounting bracket to the wall by fastening the Anchor Screws into the wall anchors.


Step 3. Hanging the Fireplace on the Bracket

Hang the slotting behind the appliance on the hooks at the left and right sides of the bracket.

(Please hold the appliance to avoid dropping down before the installation is finished.)



Step 4. Locking the Fireplace on the Bracket

Lock the bracket at both ends with a screw to ensure a solid combination of the fireplace and bracket.


Step 5. Placing the Decorations 

Step 6. Hanging the Glass Frame and Refasten the Glass Frame

Congratulations! Now your electric fireplace is installed perfectly, and you can enjoy it year-round. It’s time to step back and enjoy your work.

The installation process above has many steps but it’s not as difficult as it looks. It can be done with basic DIY skills and tools which are readily available at any hardware store.

However, if you’re still unsure about how to install it, we recommend that you hire a professional for assistance.




Your instructions leave out a lot of information, which side of the unit does the cord come out of, how long is the cord?

Anthony Gubbels

Anthony Gubbels

I just ordered Model RFH-7401L ASIN B09B3HYD5X, 68" electric fireplace. Won’t receive until sometime later next week. I’m currently building the frame for this, it will be recessed. Can you please provide me with the exact measurements for my framing so I can continue and not have to wait. Regards Tony Gubbels

James Gregory

James Gregory

can you install the electric fireplace directly into wood studs without any drywall cover?

Mary Clawson

Mary Clawson

Can I do a wall mount fireplace over top of the wall receptacle? Also, the wall receptacle is to the left side of the fireplace (as you’re looking at it). Will the cord be long enough on a 60” model to reach?

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