“The received electric fireplace makes life more fun” – R.W.FLAME
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Insert Wall Mounted Fireplace

“The received electric fireplace makes life more fun”

Here we are going to discuss how to build a frame for your electric fireplace insert to make sure that your space stays warm and cozy all the time. A fireplace puts a welcoming aesthetic feel to our house when compared to a room electric heater. Before we jump into our main topic, let’s look at some main points for planning your do it yourself fireplace.

insert Wall Mounted Fireplace

The key thing for planning a fireplace insert in your house

  • Choosing a space for your faux fireplace

You’ll need an electrical plug situated inside your do-it-yourself fireplace frame. You will also need to cut a part of your baseboard out so your fireplace will mount flush to the wall easily. Also vital is that aesthetically, you will need to pick a space where your fireplace can be a central point in your room.

  • How to select an electric fireplace insert

They come in a range of sizes from about 23 inches up to 50 inches wide. I Chose 39 inches electric fireplace for this purpose. Choose a size that’ll scale well in your area and fit the fireplace surround you are building. Most of the mid-range electric fireplace inserts are building with LED-lit, remote-controlled, and provide a flame and heat, flame only setting.

Be certain to check all the features before buying one. I fell in love with one variant of the fireplace insert and just before I finalized it. I read that it projected the heat as well as flame setting on the glass when it was turned on 100 percent of the time. How diverting, ugh!

  • How do you wire it?

They only need a plain household electric outlet to work properly. What you’ll need to do is have your electric outlet situated inside your faux fireplace frame. I had a professional electrician add some extra plug on the wall where I was trying to build my frame for the electric fireplace insert, which you will see below in detail.

Let me clear you avoid a mistake during all the procedure. If you are adding an electric outlet, ensure it is situated toward the middle and away from the line of your frame. Mine was not in the frame line enough and I had to chip out a section of my frame to set the fireplace electric plug into the outlet.

Method to build a Frame for your electric fireplace inserts

Here’re some important supplies that you’ll need to build the fireplace look real –

  • Frame cut size 2 by 4s
  • ½ inches plywood
  • Woodgrain trim
  • Electric fireplace insert
  • 2 inches pocket screws
  • 3 inches wood screws

Tools required completing the job –

  • Compound miter saw
  • Table saw
  • Kreg Jig, K4 or K3
  • Sander
  • Drill
  • Caulking gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Brad nailer
  • Level
  • Builders square

Step No. 1 – You can build a base of 63 inches by 17 inches with a center support every 18”. You can assemble this with 3 inches screws.

Step No. 2 – Assemble the front part of the fireplace on a flat area initially. You can utilize pocket hole screws to install this. When the front side is installed, connect the sides of the surrounding frame. Put the back support at the peak and bottom to assist it to rest beside the wall.

Step No. 3  Utilizing a table saw, rip every plywood piece to the right size. Cut the plywood and link it to the right and left sides first. Then add the front part of the base and the top at the end.

Step No. 4 – Now using pocket holes and screws and three inches nails, link the fireplace surround frames to the base connecting the center supports as well. After this, using the three inches screws, connect the frame to studs in the wall.

Step No. 5 – Cover the electric fireplace insert frame with ½ inches plywood and ½ inches nails in the brad NAILER. They put the sides and the front part soon after.

Step No. 6 – before you begin cutting fireplace mantle length, place ½ inches plywood on top and point the cut line on every side. Trim as needed and connect it using a brad NAILER and 1 ½ inches brand nails.

Step No. 7 – You have to use a wood filler and fill all the seams and nail holes that can’t be covered with trimmings.

Step No. 8 – Now make sure to sand the complete surface to prep it for painting. Eliminate the sawdust as well as wood particles by running a vacuum over the fireplace. Then completely wipe down to prime and paint it. You can also paint the base area with a coat of paint just before adding the trim to save your time.

Step No. 9 – After all the process, now you need to add the following trim to the fireplace in the following way –

  • 1 by 4 inches trim at the top and both ways
  • 1 by 2 inches cut on both sides
  • 1 by 4 inches piece of trim to right and left edge of the front
  • 4 by 4 inches trim blocks to top and bottom
  • Another 1 by 4 inches cut to the outer edge of the fireplace front part
  • 1 by 4 inches across the front to assist cover the seam in plywood
  • 1 by 2 inches cut at the top and sides of the surround of the fireplace
  • 1 by 2 inches cut along the sides where you slide it in

Step No. 10 – Run the painter’s caulk along every trim edge, gap, and nail holes. When this dries up, now pain your fireplace and let the paint dry for at least 24hrs before you put your electric fireplace insert.

A fireplace can be a top addition to your house. It can light up the living area and also provide you a warm feeling. Working with the prefinished trim board is simple and saves a lot of time and effort for your project. If you’ve a corner in your house that could need an aesthetic electric fireplace insert, learning how to build can change your home.


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