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Recessed Electric Insert Wall Mounted Fireplace

“How to hang a wall mounted electric fireplace”

There’s no wonder that hanging an electric fireplace on a wall is a very much straightforward job. But, of course, you have to understand all of the basics to get the work done perfectly. Now if you do not know how to hang a wall mounted electric fireplace in the right way, in this post, we will show you a complete step-by-step method to do that.

So, stay with us throughout the article to understand all about it.

Recessed Electric Insert Wall Mounted Fireplace

Is it a do-it-yourself job?

If you understand how to set up a huge mirror or even a photo frame in the wall, and then trust me, you know all of the main basics of hanging a wall mounted electric fireplace. Undoubtedly, you can fix the fireplace yourself as you’ll not need any sort of major structural modifications.

Though, some of the wall mounted electric fireplaces are pretty much huge. In that case, you might need some help. In a nutshell, if you understand all the basic steps to hang a fireplace on your wall, honestly speaking, it is completely a do-it-yourself work. You mightn’t need to take any hassle of calling any experts to do the hanging job. Continue your process throughout this article, to understand every tip and trick for getting the job done rightly.

Essential Safety Requirements

There’s no doubt that the wall mounted electric fireplace can become a huge nightmare if you do not follow some essential safety needs. First of all, never put any sort of combustible element close to your unit. For example, keep a minimum of 3 feet distance from the electric fireplace’s front to keep whole the papers, furniture, or clothes.

And when it comes to the side of the wall mounted electric fireplace the minimum distance to keep 1 and a half feet. Whatever your fireplace style or type is, you have to follow all the essential safety needs in the right way. You’d never overlook any sort of safety measure. Otherwise, trust me, the wall mounted fireplace can turn into the most harmful spot for your home.

Essentials tools you might need to complete the job

  • Screwdriver
  • Electric drill
  • Studs
  • Carpenters level
  • Tape measure

Steps to hang wall mounted electric fireplace

Hanging a wall mounted electric fireplace is not rocket science. But, you’ve to understand how to do that rightly. Follow these simple steps to get the job done correctly.

Choose an ideal place for it

Your hanging procedure starts with finding an ideal place for your wall mounted fireplace. First of all, you have to keep in mind that you’d select a place that’s near to an electric outlet. If you’re considering using a long wire, trust, it’ll be a horrible idea. Now, when it comes to wall mounted fireplaces it can be many types. Heat can come from the unit’s top side, a bottom part, and the front side. So, you’ve to think about the clearances based on your model.

If you’re using a top heat option, you’d never put it below any electric setup, otherwise, you might face very awkward situations. When you discuss putting the fireplace below your Television, you’d get a device in which heat comes from the front or bottom side. No matter what, put your bottom heat fireplace more than 1 and a half feet off the space of the room.

Connect the Brackets carefully

In this section, you have to connect the brackets very carefully to the wall. You will find the entire of your brackets and hardware in your wall mounted fireplace package. Normally, fireplaces weigh pretty much high from 50 lbs to 200 lbs. So, do not forget to use the studs when doing this part. If your wall mounted fireplace comes with bottom brackets you have to hang them as well with the highest care. There’re some variants in which bottom brackets are already linked to the electric fireplace.

Hang the wall mounted electric fireplace in the right way

On your electric fireplace’s back, you might find either slots or even you can find some hooks. So, in the primary choice, you have to attach the slot to the bracket’s hooks. Otherwise, you have to attach the hooks with the bracket’s slots. Whatever process, you have to follow; you must do it in the right way. Because installing the wall-mounted fireplace in a correct way is so important in your complete fireplace installation procedure.

Check the Bottom Section

In this section, it’s high time to check the bottom part of your model. When you got any additional bottom bracket, it’s time to install it in the below part of your fireplace. Always remember that securing the below part of the electric fireplace is extremely vital to make it rightly secured.

Plug the Power Cord

This is the final in this complete hanging procedure. In most cases, the cord of an electric fireplace comes with 3 prongs. So, you have needed a 3-pin plug to attach the power cord. Though, if you do not have a 3 pin setup, please do not worry. You have to get an appropriate adapter to get the task done. You’d always ground the adapter rightly in the perfect place to make sure max safety and security.


There’s no denying the fact that a wall mounted an electric fireplace is a great appliance, particularly in the winter season. Though there’re several types of electric fireplaces that you might find in the market, electric models can offer you a lot of benefits.

One of the key benefits of the wall mounted electric fireplace is can hang it easily on the wall of your home. Knowing the hanging procedure will help you out to get the work done perfectly yourself. In this post, we tried to tell you each and every point about it so that you can do it in your house easily. We hope this post helps you a lot to understand how to hand a wall mounted electric fireplace perfectly.





I bought the 42 in recessed fireplace. Can I hard wire this inside the wall? I am not finding anything showing how to convert it.

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