The 4 Best Electric Fireplace Stoves

In earlier years, the possibilities about the ways of heating your home were limited – today that is not the case. In modern life, more people adopt new technologies and sustainable options --Electric Fireplace Stove.


An electric fireplace stove imitates having a real wood-burning stove in your home. It not only provides a cozy and warm atmosphere to your living room but also is a great focal point when stepping into your house.


However, the selection of electric fireplace stoves is too wide and, when choosing, you have to consider the size of your space, what shape will suit you best, and your specific needs.


There exist different types of fireplaces. Some are modern looking, some more traditional also the function predispositions are not the same on every fireplace. Yet, some simply look pretty, with no intention to be functional at all.


That’s why we have brought this comprehensive guide for choosing the best electric fireplace. By researching the market and exploring the users' feedback, we have already minimized your options from hundreds to only the 5 best electric fireplace stoves which are sure to fit any need.


We also provide comparison charts, so you can review the different options side-by-side.


So, without further delay, let’s get started.



Appearance Design



Since Electric Fireplace Stove is also a great decoration for its aesthetic value and ambiance in homes, the appearance might be the first thing to consider for many buyers. We select the four most appealing stoves on the market here. By appearances, all of them meet many stove-lovers' esthetic needs.


On the face of them, Thermomate and R.W.FLAME Stove have a door kind of like a cathedral arched door, which adds a touch of European flair to the stoves.


From sides, they all have two sides available for users to enjoy the flame. The other three stoves adopt glass windows, while R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Stove is a little different. It has diamond-shaped panes, which are kind of reminiscent of the earliest medieval windows "Quarrels", taking the aesthetic appeal of the Fireplace Stove to the next level.




All electric fireplace stoves makers work hard to bring users as realistic flames as possible. Most electric fireplaces will be able to provide pretty good realism when it comes to producing the ambiance of a real wood stove, and some will be more realistic than others.


Different brands of electric fireplace stoves have their own settings that you can change, such as the brightness and color of the flames, to show various flame effects. All of these four adopt the panoramic 3-sided view design and can be used with the effects of the flame without the heater being on, so you can enjoy the flames even in the warmer months.


From the flame setting, both Duraflame and R.W.FLAME Stoves have multiple choices to meet users' visual needs. And from customer reviews, their various flame indeed brings users a better experience of realistic fire, especially their life-like flickering flames.


Also, stove makers offer users a remote to control the machine from the comfort of their seats. Duraflame and R.W.FLAME's remote could even be able to set a timer. You can also set a timer before bed, and it will turn off automatically as you command.





For electric fireplace stoves, it is no doubt that their priority is to provide heat. So modern stove makers adopt infrared heaters instead of conventional fan heaters. The advanced far-infrared heating method is adopted to create a healthier home environment, because its gentle heat maintains natural humidity in the air, rather than drying the air out, so your family’s skin and airways don’t dry out either. Here, these four stoves all have this advanced technology.


However, power consumption has always been the first concern when talking about heating appliances. R.W.FLAME and Xbeauty Electric Fireplace Stove have a thoughtful design that provides multiple heating choices for both energy-saving and fast-warm purposes.


They even have a user-friendly thermostat device that can automatically adjust the room temperature, allowing you to enjoy comfortable warmth. The intelligent system can adapt to your demand for heat in any weather. It is a very cost-effective option compared to other ways of staying warm.





Electric fireplaces are relatively safe for your home compared with traditional fireplaces since all it takes is an electrical outlet with a 120V power supply. So, the Overheat Automatic Power-off Protection is quite important to avoid a real fire.


Safety protection is essential, R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Stove seems to be more reliable than others. It has been installed an overheating safety device and an effective air outlet at the bottom of the stove, which can effectively avoid hidden dangers caused by equipment overheating.


These four stoves stay cool to the touch and provide a pleasant warmth but no direct heat, making them safe and suitable for everyone. Even small children and pets are quite safe around it.


All of these stoves' bodies are made of metal, which makes them more sturdy and durable. However, Duraflame, Xbeauty, and Thermomate's “beveled glass” is actually clear plastic. The clear plastic “glass” will surely warp and fog and get scratches as time goes by, and the plastic legs will not hold up either. While only R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Infrared Stove adopts a steel structure thoroughly.

Except for electricity and heat, noise is also an inescapable element. These four stoves we selected all generate little noise according to their users' feedback respectively.




After reading through all of the reviews and features of the different electric fireplace stoves, you now may have all the necessary facts to decide which type of stove is suitable for your house.


However, since people have different individual needs and preferences, their best option varies. But the products we have listed above have great features and are highly rated by customers. If you are looking for the Best Electric Fireplace Stove, then any of these 4 would be a great choice for you.

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