How to Choose an Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Fire tables and fire pits create a warm, comfortable, welcoming area for family and friends to enjoy. To find the right fire pit or fire table to fit your needs, the first step is to carefully consider location, fuel type, desired function, and style. Whether you want to add a built-in or portable fire table, you will also want to consider the height. If the table has a surrounding surface, decide whether you want to use it as a footrest, for seating, or as a table, and whether additional seating may be needed.


Most importantly, be sure to research local and state laws and safety regulations regarding fire pits. Some municipalities ban open burning of any kind. Certain types of fire pits are forbidden for decks. Check your city codes regarding size and distance from structures before installing. For your safety, have an extinguisher plan, which may include a fire extinguisher and/or a nearby water source.


R.W.Flame Fire Pit Tables are warm and beautiful. They are designed to be portable, which is the ultimate convenience. Many styles and price ranges are available for fire bowls and fire tables. Gas pits also don’t produce ash, which is safer for people with respiratory issues. You’ll want to have a safe storage for keeping an extra propane tank on hand to be sure you don’t run out when the fire pit is in use.


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