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Summer Promotion: Commercial Ice Makers V.S. Portable Ice Makers

Summer Promotion: Commercial Ice Makers V.S. Portable Ice Makers

In the heart of summer, when the sun is relentless and the air shimmers with heat, there's nothing quite like the clink of ice cubes in a glass to promise sweet relief.

But not all ice is created equal, and the quality of your cubes can elevate a simple drink into a sublime experience.

Welcome to the frosty world of ice makers, where the pursuit of the perfect ice cube is a science, an art, and a little bit of magic.

Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur, a smoothie enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates the crisp, cool bite of a well-chilled beverage, this comparison of the best commercial ice maker and portable ice maker of 2023 will help you navigate the icy landscape with confidence and discern ment.


R.W.FALME Countertop Ice Maker

Dimensions: 11.30*8.66*12.68in

Output:  33Lbs per day

Accessories: Ice Basket, Ice Scoop

  • Fast Ice Making
  • Large Capacity
  • Self-cleaning Function
  • Transparent Cover
  • LED Light
  • Compact & Convenient Design
  • High Quality


R.W.FALME Commercial Ice Maker 

Dimensions: 17.72*15.79*31.5in

Output:  100Lbs/24H

Ice Making Time: 11-20mins

  • Ice Cube(0.9''*0.9''*0.9'')
  • Stainless Steel & Iron Painting
  • Lcd Screen
  • Self-Cleaning Mode
  • Automatic Shutdown Function

Commercial and portable ice makers differ in several key aspects, including their size, capacity, usage, and cost.


R.W.Flame Nugget Ice Maker has a fast production cycle and ultra-quiet operation.    Equipped with a powerful compressor, it has a very quiet and efficient cooling system. It only takes a few steps to enjoy a cool moment with your family.

Simple one-button operation of the ICE/CLEAN button, the ice machine begins to  drop ice continuously after 10 minutes. If keeping the water tank full(capacity of 1.1-quart), it can produce 33 lbs of nugget ice in 24hrs.


Commercial ice makers have a much larger ice production and storage capacity compared to portable ones. They are designed to meet the high-demand needs of businesses such as restaurants, bars, and hotels. Portable ice makers are more suitable for personal use or small gatherings, producing a smaller amount of ice over the same period.

This refers to how much ice the machine can store at once. If the user frequently needs large amounts of ice at once, a higher storage capacity would be beneficial.

Ice Types

R.W.FALME Commercial ice makers often have the ability to produce different sizes of Ice Cube(0.9''*0.9''*0.9'').

Depending on what you are using the ice for, this R.W.FALME ice maker is able to produce three different sizes of ice cubes: Thin ice cubes, Medium ice cubes, and  thick ice cubes. So you can customize your ice cubes for different uses.

R.W.FLAME Portable ice makers typically produce nugget cubes. Ice makers often produce clearer, better-tasting ice than ice trays in a freezer. This can enhance the taste of drinks.

Space Saving

R.W.Flame Nugget Ice Maker is perfect for people who like nugget ice but mithout much house space for it. Since it takes up only about as much space as a microwave.

The compact size of 11.30*8.66*12.68 inches makes it very easy to carry and perfect for countertops in the Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom, and Office. You can enjoy fresh, cool ice cubes anytime, anywhere.

Commercial ice makers are typically larger and more robust than portable ones. They are designed to be installed in a fixed location, often under a counter or as a standalone unit. Portable ice makers, on the other hand, are compact and lightweight, designed for easy transport and use in various locations.

Commercial ice makers often require a water line and drain, and even a special electrical circuit. Portable ice makers simply need to be filled with water and plugged into a standard outlet.

You can install the Ice Maker in a party gathering, restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. Just make sure there is a power supply near your unit.

Noise Level

Some ice makers can be quite noisy, which may be a concern in certain settings. It has high efficiency and low noise.

Also, there is no worry about the noise about RWFLAME ice makers, since they both work so quietly that won't disturb your sleep.

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