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"Breakout Ice Maker" in 2023 --  Sonic Ice Maker

"Breakout Ice Maker" in 2023 -- Sonic Ice Maker

Sonic Ice is all the rage these days, especially among those cool drink lovers. Imagine in a heatwave when the sun burns hazily outside, lie down with a glass of fountain soda filled with Sonic ice, remove the cover and straw, and have the drink and ice combo poured into the mouth. It’s soft, chewable, cold, and refreshing, which won’t hurt your teeth.  

What is Sonic Ice?

Sonic ice, aka sonic ice, pellet ice, or pebble ice, is most known for its perfect texture and “chewable” qualities.

The name “Sonic Ice”, it is said, originates from Sonic restaurant in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  

Why is It So Special?

Sonic Ice took half of the restaurant market as soon as it entered the restaurant market, referred to as nuggets or pellet ice in the restaurant business.

  1. Soft to Chew
  2. Quick to Cool
  3. Dilute Slowly                                          
  4. Retains the Flavor of the Drink

Why is the Sonic Ice Maker Bang on Trend?

Sonic Ice really captures the hearts of ice lovers everywhere. Some cold drink buffs like this sonic ice so much that they will drive out of their way to get to a fast-food restaurant or convenience store that has it! But not all Sonic franchises sell ice as they may have to meet their supply demands. Then Sonic ice enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that it’s possible to make this coveted creation right at home. That’s why the Sonic ice maker starts entering people’s kitchens and becomes a hit.

How quickly do you need your cubes? Sure, you could spend a couple of days building up an ice supply in your freezer, but that’s a tedious process. A portable ice maker could be the perfect solution for you.

R.W.Flame Ice Maker is perfect for people who like sonic ice but don’t have much space for it. Since it takes up about as much space as a microwave.

If you’re looking for an ice maker that won’t break the bank, this one is a great choice. It’s sleek, portable, relatively light, and doesn’t clutter the counter; it’s also very easy to set up and use.

The compact size of 9.4*13.2*15.3 inches makes it very easy to carry and perfect for countertops in the Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom, and Office. You can enjoy fresh, cool ice cubes anytime, anywhere.

R.Flame Ice Maker


Dimensions: 11.30*8.66*12.68in

Output:  33Lbs per day

Accessories: Ice Basket, Ice Scoop                 

  • Fast Ice Making
  • Large Capacity
  • Self-cleaning Function
  • Transparent Cover
  • LED Light
  • Compact & Convenient Design
  • High Quality

Measured 11.3(D)*8.7(W)*12.7(H) inches, the compact ice maker can be taken around easily as you need. And this also makes it a great choice for home, kitchen, office, coffee shop, parties, bar, or even RV travelers from whom the space is at a premium.

This ice maker will make ice cubes in 10-15 minutes, taking you only a little time to get ice cubes. With a 1.1-quart capacity water tank, it is able to supply 33 pounds of square ice cubes in 24 hours.

The quiet cooling system allows you to have a low-noise and comfortable environment. You can remove the drain plug and drain the water to avoid breeding bacteria.

This ice maker only has one button, just simply press the button and you will get ice cubes. Equipped with a self-cleaning function, it initiates an automatic cleaning after adding water to the tank and long-press the "On/Off" button for 5s.

With a transparent window on top, you can observe the ice-making process directly without opening the lid. The LED countertop indicator could remind you to remove the ice when the ice maker basket is full and notifies you when the ice maker is low on water.


Would not recommend buying this item. Broke the the second day we had it. Never received my refund from sending it back either. Because the site you print a return label never worked.

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