How To Choose A Ice Maker

Choosing the best ice machine for your business or home even other places is a challenging task. Many factors go into determining the right ice machine that works for you. Here I summarize 3 tips for you on how to choose a suitable ice maker for you

Choosing the Right Ice Cube Shapes you want

Ice cubes shapes are designed to assist with certain industries. For instance, many commercial ice chip maker models produce cubelet ice, which is soft and chewable so young children and hospital patients can chew on the ice without damaging their teeth.such as the R.W.FLAME nugget ice maker countertop.

Cube ice is relatively thick and difficult to melt, but most of the household ice machines currently on the market are used to make bullet ice. If you need to buy a home ice machine, there are still many options for improving happiness in summer. One of the most powerful artifacts, it is necessary to get can refer to this R.W.FLAME  commercial ice maker machine.

Choosing the Right Sized Ice Machine

Once you have an approximate estimate, it’s time to pick the right ice maker and bin. First, it’s important to know how they work.

Ice makers are usually specified by pounds of ice per day. A 500 lb machine, for instance, produces 500 lbs of ice over a 24-hour period, provided the ambient air temperature is about 70°F, and the incoming water temperature is about 50°F. If the ice machine is in a 90°F kitchen or bakery, and the incoming water temperature is closer to 70°F, then ice production may reduce by as much as 15% or more.

Consider your peak weekdays when calculating your ice needs. For example, some businesses need more ice for bar and dinner operations on Friday and Saturday nights, while others need more ice during the summer when hot and cold beverage consumption increases. Calculate your daily needs based on your busiest days rather than your typical days.

Bin capacity is the maximum amount of ice an ice bin can hold if it was filled to the top and leveled off, which doesn’t happen unless someone physically levels the ice off. When ice is left to drop on its own, it creates a mound. As the ice level rises, the peak of the mound reaches the sensor, shutting off the machine before the bin fills. Without someone to level off the ice as it drops, a bin will hold about 80-85% of its max capacity before triggering the machine to turn off.

Leave enough space for your ice maker

it's better to leave the right amount of space to operate.Commercial ice machines need enough space for air to circulate, so when you install your ice machine, make sure you provide it with enough space. This helps the ice maker stay in good working order and avoid damage from excessive heat buildup.In short, no matter how good a commercial ice machine is, it needs to be well maintained to last longer.Maintenance tips for commercial ice machines will allow you to use them for 10 more years!

Remember having more ice than you need is better than not having enough. One misstep in sizing an ice machine can cost you if you’re not careful. If you buy a small ice maker that doesn’t fit your needs, you could find yourself purchasing additional ice, or needing a bigger unit later. Both are costly alternatives to choosing the right size ice machine from the beginning.   

Next is the product I highly recommend for you about the rwflame ice machine, there are two types of ice machines, one large for your business and one small chewable crushed ice for household.Hope this can help you!


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