Five Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Ice Machine

Commercial ice machines are an integral piece of equipment in the catering industry, and their proper functioning is critical to food hygiene and customer service. However, if commercial ice machines are not properly maintained, they can malfunction (eg: slow ice production, ice out, water leaks, etc.), reduced lifespan, and affect food hygiene. In today's article, I will share some tips for commercial ice machine maintenance, so that your commercial ice machine can last for 10 years!

1.Regularly clean the ice machine

It is very important to clean the ice machine regularly. This can help remove dirt and bacteria that have accumulated in the ice maker and ensure that the ice maker is always in good working order. It is recommended to clean once a month.

However, there are currently some ice machines that already have a one-key automatic cleaning function. If you want to do it in one step, you can directly use some ice machines of this style. Really.

2.Replace the filter element

Some commercial ice machines are directly connected to tap water, but the tap water in some areas is hard water, which is not good to drink too much, so there is an external filter element, which is one of the important components for filtering water in commercial ice machines. Regular filter changes will ensure clean water and prolong the life of your commercial ice maker. It is recommended to replace the filter element every 3-6 months according to the usage.

3.Keep good drainage

Drain lines from commercial ice machines should be kept clear to ensure that water can flow efficiently out of the ice machine. If the water cannot flow out, it will cause the machine to not work properly. It is recommended to check the drain line regularly and remove any blockages.

4.Regularly check the refrigeration system

The refrigeration system of a commercial ice machine includes the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and diffuser, and these components are critical to the operation of the commercial ice machine. Regular inspection of these components to ensure they are working properly, and timely repair or replacement of damaged parts can extend the life of your ice maker

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