Have A Cozy Christmas Party With the Best Room Heaters

The arrival of winter means it's time for us to think about planning a warm and fun Christmas gathering for the family. Christmas is always very cold in most areas, so creating as warm an environment as possible is important in making your party a success. The fireplace is the centerpiece of the whole Christmas event, and we love doing all the party stuff right next to the fireplace. After the Christmas dinner, we left the table and sat around the fireplace, sharing presents, chatting, and playing games.

If you've already started getting ready for a Christmas party, then this blog is for you. I'll introduce you to several different fireplaces and heaters to add more warmth to your Christmas gatherings.

Christmas is the most important and grand festival of the year, but it is usually accompanied by cold and snow. So, we have to prepare a warm environment for the party first. Have you got everything on your Christmas list, including trees, decorations, cakes, gaming equipment, drinks, and wine? These are all party essentials. Then, have you ever wondered what you need to prepare for the temperature? If the answer is no, then don't worry, because R.W. Flame has the perfect solution.

R.W. Flame provides various types of heaters to meet the needs of different rooms and groups of people. Room heaters are very important in winter, especially during gatherings that need to be relaxed. No matter whether your room has a prepared fireplace hole, no matter how much budget you have, no matter how big a fireplace you need, you can find it at R.W.Flame.

R.W.Flame Recessed & Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace


For some rooms that do not have a fireplace hole reserved, it will be very troublesome to install a fireplace. Traditional fireplaces not only need to use masonry to lay holes but also need ventilation ducts. There is an additional consideration of the risk of fire.


According to NFPA.org, Christmas and Christmas Eve are the leading days of the year for home fires in the United States, second only to Thanksgiving. People usually like to put the Christmas tree by the fireplace and light a lot of candles to increase the warm atmosphere. Jumping flames may touch flammable decorations if you are not paying attention, posing a fire risk.


electric fireplace christmas


Electric fireplaces have no such concerns. The advantages of electric fireplaces over traditional fireplaces can be seen in our previous articles: Why are Electric Fireplaces Better than Traditional Ones? R.W. Flame's electric fireplace screen flames look exactly like real flames. There are two installation methods for this fireplace, wall-mounted and recessed, whether you have a recess under the wall or not, this fireplace can be perfectly installed.


R.W.FLAME 50" Recessed Electric Fireplace Heater

home appliances gift


  • Multi Operating Modes
  • 2 Heat Settings & Energy Savings
  • Two Ways Of Installation
  • LED Fire & Ice Flame
  • 12 Flame & Flame Bed Color Modes



 R.W.Flame Freestanding Stone Electric Fireplace Mantel

If you prefer a traditional fireplace style with a wooden shelf on which you can place decorative string lights, bouquets and candlesticks, then R.W.Flame also has complete fireplace sets available. An electric fireplace with a mantel combines traditional style with modern style.

Stone fireplaces are a classic style we love. But when you can't build a stone fireplace, the R.W. Flame Faux Stone Fireplace Set is an alternative to creating the warm, cozy farm vibe of a real fireplace. It is like a work of art, and the stacked stone texture creates a 3D effect. You would not say that it is man-made, the appearance and performance are no different from real stone.


R.W.FLAME 50-inch Freestanding Stone 

Electric Fireplace Mantel Package

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 R.W.Flame Electric Fireplace Mantel

Dimensions:  48.43”x 14.57” x 40.35”

Heat Options: 750W/1500W              

Heat Output:  5100BTU

Coverage Area: 400 sq. ft

  • 3D Realistic Stone-Like Design
  • 7 Flame Brightness Settings
  • Premium Magnesium OxideMaterial
  • Flamewithout Heat
  • Remote Control


R.W.Flame Electric Fireplace Insert Heater

If you already have a fireplace and just want to renovate it and replace it with an electric fireplace, the R.W.Flame fireplace insert will be your best choice. Not only are there various sizes to choose from, but it is also very convenient to install. You don’t need a professional installer but only need an electric drill to solve it.

R.W.FLAME 39" Recessed Electric Fireplace Insert

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 electric fireplace insert

Dimensions:  39"x 8.98" x 27.01"

Heat Options: 750W/1500W             

Heat Output: 5100BTU

Coverage Area: 400 sq. ft

  • 1-8 Hours Timing
  • 5 Flame Brightness Settings
  • Flamewithout Heat
  • Remote Control & Touch Screen



R.W.Flame Electric Fireplace Stove

A portable fireplace can not only be used alone in any room that needs to be heated but also can be placed in a ready-made frame for decoration. Minimum wattage is 500w up to 1500w heating performance, ideal for small space heating and local heating. It can generate heat faster than burning wood, and the flame and heating can be controlled separately, and the color of the flame can be adjusted to bring different feelings to the Christmas party.


 R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Stove home appliances gift


Christmas Party Stove Heater
  • Cathedral Design
  • 3-Sided View Design
  • Realistic Flame Effect
  • Infrared Heating Mode
  • Over-Heating protection
  • Flamewithout Heat
  • Remote Control


From the appearance point of view, the R.W. Flame electric fireplace imitates the arched windows of a medieval church, just like the church conveys hope and peace to believers, as the meaning of Christmas lies in the transmission of blessings. To achieve a more realistic flame effect, the R.W.Flame stove adopts a three-sided panoramic landscape design, curved screen, and simulated log design so that real flames burn in the fireplace, bringing warmth and comfort, and bringing a warmer atmosphere to Christmas parties' atmosphere.

R.W.Flame provides 5 different colors to choose from to meet the needs of different home styles.


christmas party fireplace stove


R.W.Flame Wicker Propane Fire Pit Table

If it is a sunny day on Christmas, setting up a curtain outdoors to watch a movie or have a barbecue with your family is a good idea. The R.W. Flame fire pit table is the perfect partner for outdoor parties. 



 R.W.FLAME Fire Pit Table home appliances gift



fire pit table christmas party
  • Multi-function
  • Up to 50,000BTU Heating Area
  • Easy to Control the Burning Height
  • Packages Include Glass Cover



R.W. Flame fire pit table is warm and beautiful, available in rattan and metal. All models are certified by ETL and CSA, and as long as they are operated according to the instructions, it is safe. After the lid is placed in the middle of the table, it can be used as a complete tabletop, with food and drinks for the party, and board games can be played on it for more fun.

This is a gas heater that is fueled by a propane cylinder to a bench burner. It can provide up to 50,000btu of heat, enough heat for everyone at the table to enjoy the warmth of the flame.

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