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Q: what clearance does it require? Could I put it on a shelf where it's close to the wall? 

A: I, wouldn’t, I, don’t think. The flames are tall and although there are glass shields, the flames shoot out on the sides and on top of the glass a bit. Also, the glass gets very hot! It really is like having a rip roaring fire ! 



Q: does it come with a bottle of the bio ethanol?

A1: No it doesn’t come with any bottles of the bio ethanol. You have to buy that separately.

A2: I can't remember. I looked at my invoice and it does not show that it did. I know I added 3 bottles to my order, I love This product though. Next winter I plan to buy another one. Sorry could not be more help. 

A3: It does not 



Q: Does this provide heat to the room? Im looking for something to use if the power goes out. 

A1: It provides a little heat, but unfortunately the flame does not last long and it needs to cool down before refilling. But we could definitely feel the difference in room temps after using the fireplace. 

A2: I do get heat from it. One bottle of fuel lasts about 2 hours. It’s not as good as a space heater though. I do love this. I have 2. One larger than this also 



Q: Can I put the E85 from the gas stations in it ? Having hard time finding the fuel locally not sure if there is any other name for it rather than bio E

A: Do NOT use gasoline!!!!!!!! Go to your local hardware store and look for denatured alcohol. If they do not have it, then go to Home Depot. 



Q: can you put fire pit fire glass in it? 

A: It's up to you. You can add some fireglass