Q: Does it come with a wall mount bracket or is that an additional cost?

A: It comes with one. 



Q: We're do i get the instruction booklet from

A1: It comes with it. Contact the seller.

A2:  Should be in the package. Otherwise I would contact the seller. I had one in my box when it arrived 




Q: With recessed mount how much it sticks out from the wall?

A1: 5”

A2: 1/8 inch. It basically flush. The thickness of the glass front is all that sticks off the wall. 




Q: I cant get the heat or fan to turn on, tried holding down power for 10 seconds, still nothing, any ideas?

A1: May be a defect. My heat turns on right away with no issues

A2: The on switch is on top of the device

A3: “On” switch and a power button.





Q: It says recessed mount but then how much it sticks out from the wall?

A: About 7 inches. 



Q: Is the fireplace see-through in the back?

A1: No it is not.

A2: No. It is a black metal box with a glass face.