What to look for in a wall mounted electric fireplace

Do you want to have an undoubtedly beautiful decorative item in your interior? Then our article on electric fireplaces for the apartment is exactly what you need! Functionality and ease of installation are closely intertwined with the beauty and grace of the fireplace.

Whatever they tell you about the exoticism of such an item as an electric wall fireplace, know that only you can feel whether you need it in your beloved home or not. Electric fireplaces for the apartment can often be seen in various magazines and newspapers. Here you can spy on the fantasies of the rich of this world. Why are you worse? If you have such an opportunity, and the living space allows it, then you can safely move on to choosing a model.

Many of us have encountered such an architectural element in recent years in the homes of our grandparents. Cities with more than a century of history allow us to take a closer look at those fireplaces that were set up many years ago. Over the decades, things have become much easier. Without chimneys and matches, without smoke and fire as such, you can enjoy the beautiful flame and dream, looking forward to moments of calm.

The living fire, which comes to our home, brings comfort and a sense of happiness. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about whether a fire might break out or that you will urgently have to run for firewood.

Well, for those who have decided to assemble an electric fireplace in the apartment with their own hands, we can immediately confirm that you can handle the installation yourself. Installing an electric fireplace in an apartment is an easy and straightforward process.

Have you decided to choose? Then take a closer look at the options!

Let's start with the dimensions. Depending on the size of your room and the available space, you can order a fireplace with a fireplace and a portal of different sizes. If you want something non-standard, you can order a high and narrow fireplace or vice versa, low and wide fireplace. However, everyone has their own vision of how a fireplace should be in their house.


The electric fireplace can be installed as a TV stand or with an open (double) door. The offer also includes colors: chestnut, oak, cherry - the frame can be made of wood. If desired, select the corner or front option. Some details in the design of an electric fireplace can be made by hand. An electric fireplace is often paired with a mirror.

Everyone wants to get an attractive attribute of your living room, near which you can sit in the evening and drink tea or coffee, watching the flickering light. At the same time, anyone can install such beauty (as for example) in their home, if they wish. Earlier, large fireplace halls were created for this purpose, now it can be accommodated in a medium-sized room. These fireplaces are conducive to communication and help to relax. In addition to the heat, this supplement also gives real warmth. It can warm the room and raise the room temperature to a comfortable one.

The effect of a real flickering flame and embers, according to the psychotherapist, allows you to relax and unwind from the daily hustle and bustle. On such evenings, all family members can gather by the fireplace. This attribute will fit into your interior so much that you will be pleasantly surprised. Today, these products are produced in different styles, so there will be something to choose from. Another plus is that you do not need to build a chimney or connect a fireplace to it. If you want, you can move the fireplace to another room. Well, one of the most enjoyable features is that you can use it all year round. In the summer you simply won’t need to turn on the heating function, but in the winter you’ll feel the warmth on yourself and enjoy the burning (albeit fake) flame throughout all seasons.

The economy of this device can also be noticed. The cost of electricity is approximately the same as when using an electric kettle. By choosing a home, you can buy an open or closed version, as well as decide on its varieties - it can be a work surface, floor, wall or universal.

This rather elegant device does not need wood, charcoal or special mixtures of fireplaces, so you will not have to smear yourself with soot and soot while cleaning it, and even more, and even climb, as in the old days, into a narrow chimney ... Also, you do not need adaptation and large funds for construction.

Install in 30 minutes? It really is. It is quite possible to move an electric fireplace from place to place. The only condition is the presence of an outlet. It is desirable, of course, to be close to the installation site. Considering that the developers took care of the use of the thermostat, there should be no unnecessary energy consumption. And even more, if you don’t use the heating function all year round, then the energy consumption will be pretty insignificant.


How to connect an electric fireplace - first you need to find a place in the apartment for your new electric appliance. Then insert the fireplace (it should be packed separately) in the niche of the fireplace. Now install the protective frame and frame (if any). After that, we move the finished electric fireplace and place it where it will stand and connect it to the network.

An electric fireplace is a necessary thing for the house, but you will still not use it day and night. In this regard, it is necessary to disconnect this device from the mains in case of prolonged downtime. The electric fireplace can be turned off all day, and in the evening you can delight again with its beauty.

In case of failure, it is advisable to give it to the principal for inspection.

Such a device, like any similar device, requires regular cleaning and replacement of light bulbs.

The fireplace, which is just a fireplace insert, can be built into your wall without much effort. Some designers suggest combining the details of the two devices in the presence of an old surviving fireplace. Or it is possible to come up with your own version of the design (there are many materials and possibilities for framing such products).

When installing directly into the wall, such a fireplace will have to be inserted into a niche directly from the room (on the other hand, you simply will not succeed).

As with the front (traditional) fireplace, it is not difficult to install a corner fireplace. However, when installing the product, the manufacturer still advises you to make a frame for your fireplace, preferably from wooden bars. This will ensure ventilation and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

When connecting the fireplace, you should have access to easily disconnect it from the mains (the socket should not be hidden behind the cabinet, which will be difficult to access).

Despite the fire safety of the device, you still have to take into account that voltage drops, power outages, problems with plugs and the possibility of spontaneous combustion from sparks are possible. Monitor the correctness of the electrical wiring.

How did electric fireplaces appear in apartments and private houses? As early as the second half of the last century, the first electric fireplaces were discussed in England. There, new items appeared that replaced traditional fireplaces with chimneys. In England, such a household item has always been valued, which was often a kind of symbol of family wealth. Today, the popularity of electric fireplaces is great in different countries around the world.


The only disadvantage of the new version of the fireplace is the impossibility of mixing charcoal from burnt wood with an iron bar, hearing their crackling and the smell of fire. However, in addition to simulating fire, many manufacturers have also come up with the option with aromatherapy (you can smell pine needles) and with soundtrack (hear the cracking of firewood from a special speaker). The other thing is that it will only be an imitation of the processes we know.

Basically, such a device is a common infrared electric directional heater. After turning on the fireplace, the air in it begins to bounce off the interior walls and at the same time creates a heating effect. The heat waves do not scatter to the sides, but are directed forward.

In order for the device to work similarly to a conventional fireplace, not only decorations that are illuminated by lamps are used, but also mirrors, as well as various new objects of modern technologies (and even plasma). The heating moment is also imagined (there is an electric spiral and a reflector). Many models are specially equipped with fans. At the same time, the body of the device itself is practically not heated, which allows not only to touch without fear of burns, but also to hang an electric fireplace on the wall (like a picture or plasma TV).

For those who are afraid of fire and appreciate their apartment, we add that all electric fireplaces are equipped with a device like a thermostat. And if the air temperature in the room still "exceeds", then the heating function will be forcibly suspended. There are models in which you can control the heat regime with a remote control (1-2 kW of power is enough to heat a room of 20 square meters). The remote control will also allow you to adjust the brightness and intensity of your electric fire.

The choice today is great - these are classic or modern models, more like ordinary fireplaces or in hi-tech style, wide or narrow, high or low, with or without a decorative portal, in colonial style or in some other style. You can choose both the firebox and the details of the finish.

The most common are low-budget models with a width of 50–55 cm, a height of 60–65 cm and a depth of 14–26 cm. If you still want to install a large electric fireplace, try to avoid bulkiness. Especially if the room is already filled with various household items. For a large electric fireplace the room should also be large enough.

Consider the mounting feature - when choosing a frame for your fireplace, it is important that the depth of the portal itself is equal to the depth of the built-in fireplace. Many users assure that the deeper the installed screen, the more realistic the flame effect. Well, to feel bliss for sure, as is the case with a real fireplace, your electric fireplace can be defeated by the presence of accessories such as poker, matches, firewood or charcoal.

The material of the product depends only on you - it will be wood or plastic, lined with tiles or bricks. You decide whether to “build” the fireplace into the wall or hang it like a picture.

Domestic models are much cheaper than foreign ones. Electric fireplaces are mainly supplied from Germany, Ireland and the UK.

If you are already ready to choose, we want you to enjoy all the pleasures of your chosen aristocratic product - an electric fireplace!

Modern models of electric fireplaces are made of high-tech materials of thoughtful stylish design. Such a fireplace is suitable for both apartments and private households.

Types of electric fireplaces

The electric fireplace works by heating a tubular electric heater. Modifications are available using open and closed heating elements.

Varieties of open type

spiral stretched between ceramic bars;

a spiral to which ceramic beads are attached;

bispirala on a ceramic base;

a ceramic rod on which nichrome wire is tightly wound.

The heating element with heat shield and ceramic strips is assembled into a heating block. The heat shields also act as clamps.

Closed varieties

They consist of a spiral sealed inside a quartz sand glass tube. The glass tube can be transparent, translucent or opaque.

The device consists of the following elements:


heating element;

decorative details;

protective screen;

Remote Control.

Structurally, electric fireplaces are distinguished by a portal and a fireplace. Portal - a frame made of building material, a place to place a fireplace. The framing is made of metal, stone, plastic, wood, ceramics, drywall.


The fireplace is of two types:


Built-in. The cassette made for each model is controlled by a remote control.

Detachable. A number of different standard sizes are available.

The illusion of a live fire is created by the built-in silent fan heater. It draws in cold air, passes the flow through the heating segment and injects heated air into the room. The rate of heat and flow is determined by the power of the fan.


Built-in appliances (wall and fireplace portals) - are lined up against the wall, with an emphasis on the back of the fireplace. The models consist of a frame, an electric block of decorative logs and a flame.

Portable devices. The compact body looks like a fireplace, is equipped with a roller and a fireplace with imitation fire. The models are easy to use and do not require stationary installation.

Hanging (wall) - body thickness 8-13 cm, placed on the wall in a suitable place. Aesthetically pleasing appearance, decorative flame. Low heat dissipation. Ultra-thin models are also available.

Table top - compact devices, installed on the table. Many modifications are available.

Floor models - the simplicity of the design is complemented by an elegant design. Mobility, movement around the room.

Semi-closed. Built into the wall.

Open up. Installed in the desired location.

Corner - mounted in the corner of the room.



Mini electric fireplaces - compact sizes and minimum product thicknesses allow them to be placed on nightstands and tables, built into the furniture. Suitable for small apartments, hallways, summer cottages.

Large format devices - large heating surface, sophisticated look. Designed for large houses and apartments. The harmonious combination is achieved by the correct ratio of the size of the fireplace and the area of ​​the room.

Characteristics of electric fireplaces

The devices are equipped with sensors (thermostats) to maintain the set temperature and reduce electricity consumption.

The smooth-running thermostat automatically shuts off the fireplace when it reaches the set value and restarts when it cools down.

All models are available with adjustable heating power and selection of the desired operating mode:

simulated flame without heating function;

simulated flame and half power heating;

simulated flame and full power heating.


The power of an electric fireplace is determined by the functionality, dimensions of the device and the productivity of the heating. The calculation of the degree of heating is done according to the following ratio: 1 kW heats 10 square meters. The power range is indicated on the technical data sheet.


Electricity consumption depending on the manufacturer and model:


during operation - 30-50 W / hour;

in sleep mode - 1-1.5 W / hour;

in simulated flame mode - 5-10 W / h.



Fake flame with strips of fabric. Electromechanical working principle. The red stripes of the fabric are powered by an electric fan motor. Color reproduction is supported by an incandescent bulb. The role of firewood (coal) is played by decorative models.

Fire reproduction on a liquid crystal monitor. Optical lenses, light filters and glass make the image real. At an angle, the clarity of the image deteriorates, there is no three-dimensional perspective.



Spotlight. Mounted under plastic fire mannequins. The effect of the flame movement creates a rotation of reflectors and backlighting that project reflections onto a glass screen located in the fireplace.

3D fireplace. High-tech device. The flame effect is created by water vapor and halogen lamps. The light from the bulbs is reflected in the water droplets. The image cannot be distinguished from the real one.

Steam (Opti-Myst technology). Inside the structure is an ultrasonic generator that converts water into cold steam.

Liquid particles are dispersed and illuminated with halogen lamps. Opti-Myst models belong to humidifiers, equipped with an air purification filter.


Sound effect - imitation of crackling trees. The function is inherent in high price category modifications. Recorded sounds are transmitted by the speakers of the sound player.

Smell. The aromas transmit the smell of smoldering logs.

Additional functionality:


humidification and air purification;



sleep timer;

Remote Control;

several modes of operation;

two heating power modes;

brightness and flame height adjustment;

multimedia portals;



Functions are controlled via a panel or remote control. Sound confirmation of the mode selection is performed by a certain number of key presses:


imitation fire - 1 signal;

imitation fire and heating at half power - 2 signals;

full power simulation - 3 signals.





protective screen;


decorative grilles;

fireplace sets;

fake fuel (wood or coal).

The fireplace can be with or without a protective screen. Fake firewood and coal are usually made of ceramics.




democratic cost;

possibility of installation in rooms without ventilation and chimneys, in apartment buildings;

does not require additional costs during use;

lack of soot, dust, smoke;

ease of use and maintenance;

thoughtful design;

pleasant appearance;

quiet operation;



realistic resemblance to fire;

safety for health and the environment;

fire safety;

mobility of portable devices;


the function of simulated fire and heating is independent of each other;

ultra-thin modifications;

instant space heating.

The advantage of portable devices is that there is no need to spoil the interior design after renovation.




Users do not use most functions for two reasons:


Inconvenience of control. Even with the remote control, some functions are enabled from the panel on the device.

Management complexity. Management is possible after careful study of the instructions.

Lack of oxygen caused by the constant operation of an electric fireplace negatively affects human health. Good ventilation will help even out the risk.


Implicit weaknesses:


slight hum of fans emitted by electromechanical devices;

noise is increased by wear of rotating parts;

flat image of fire.

Models without the brightness control option are tedious. The spectrum of LED lamps is not rich in color and can also cause eye fatigue.


How to choose an electric fireplace



In order not to be disappointed by the choice of fireplace, before buying, get to know its possibilities, characteristics and functions in as much detail as possible. The more models and effects a model has, the higher the price category.


Key factors:



additional options required;

purchase budget;

stylistics of equipment.



The algorithm for selecting a household unit consists of introducing:


with appearance;

with parameters;

with price category;

with functional abilities;

with complete set;

with noise level during operation;

with the image of a flame;

with the ability to adapt the process;

with ease of operation.



Pay attention to the specifications:


screen size;

heating power;

operating modes;

imitation of combustion;

electricity consumption.

Choice by appearance

Consider the general concept of the design of the room, the heating area. Decide which place the heater will take up inside.

The external design of the portal is performed in different styles:


classical - seriousness of shape, symmetry, geometric correctness, flatness, naturalness of the material;

retro - elegance, sophistication, aesthetics, individuality;

hi-tech - laconic shapes, minimalism of colors, use of steel and glass;

baroque - a wealth of decorative elements, luxury, luxury;

log cabin - bulky structure, functionality, style;

provence - organicity, scratches, irregularities;

country - ethnicity, tradition, simplicity of elements;

Empire style - pomp, use of marble;

avant-garde - metal and glass, similar to flying objects.

The choice depends on the individual tastes and preferences of the consumer. The choice of finishing of the portal cladding should be in accordance with the style of the fireplace.

Which is better

The best choice is to buy a fireplace:

with automatic temperature regulation;

with adjustable heating power;

with adjustable brightness and the ability to turn off the backlight;

with humidification and air purification functions.

Check the integrity of the wiring before connecting. A prerequisite is the presence of a grounded loop. The parameters of the current strength are marked by the manufacturer in the product passport.

Do not place devices in front of window openings, light sources. This reduces the brightness and contrast of the visual effect.

When installing, take into account the availability of space and free access to the service. The hearth should be easily removed.

Installation of an electric fireplace with a 3D fireplace

Heaters with a 3D display are built into specialized portals, built into a plasterboard structure and built into furniture.

When attaching to the wall, the building material from which the partition is made is taken into account. If necessary, the wall is reinforced, the device is fixed with rivets in the corners.

Before cleaning, unplug the appliance and let it cool down:

Wipe the housing and decorative fuel regularly with a damp cloth.

Clean the air intake grille with a vacuum cleaner.

Wash the protective screen or glass with soap and water and a soft cloth.

Do not use abrasive cleaning powders, glass cleaning chemicals, organic solvents.

Electric household appliances with steam generator:

fill with distilled water so that no limescale is formed;

remove limescale regularly;

change the water once a day;

drain the water when not in use.

Electrical appliances with halogen bulbs require replacement of the bulb in case of combustion.

The standard warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Trading companies provide extended warranties for their goods for up to 18 months.

When buying an electric fireplace, check the seller's information on the warranty card, the seal of the seller's company, the correct filling, check the date of purchase.

Guaranteed obligations become invalid in the following cases:


damage associated with mechanical, electrical, thermal effects;

damage caused by non-compliance with the instructions for use;

entry of foreign objects (insects, animals) and chemicals;

use of abrasive cleaning powders, chemical compounds, organic solvents;

opening, repairs unauthorized by the manufacturer;

careless handling;

operation without equipped ground loop;

damage caused by non-compliance with the rules and regulations for power supply of cable networks;

molten thermal insulation;

damage caused by force majeure (fire, flood, lightning).

Products cleaned of dirt and dust with dried liquid are accepted for warranty repairs.

If the warranty period has expired, you can do prevention and troubleshooting yourself at home. If such work is difficult, consult a specialist.

switch off the appliance, let it cool down and clean it of dust;

blow out the electric heater;

check for the presence of voltage in the electrical network;

check connection cable, plug;

check the condition of the fan blades.

You will need a probe with a saw equipped with a warning light.

Thermostat. In the off state, his contacts are closed. Check by attaching the test leads to the terminals. Clean the carbon deposits, cut the shells. Wipe the contacts with a soft cloth dampened with alcohol.

If the contacts are open due to plate deformation, return them to their original position.

Power regulator. Repairs are performed in the same way as on the thermostat.

Power buttons. Set all the keys to the "on" position, check the conductivity tester in turn. Clean burnt contacts.

Protect your hands with gloves when performing work. Follow the rules and regulations for working with electrical equipment.

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