The Top 3 Hot-Selling Electric Fireplaces With Mantel

With the winter of 2022 right around the corner, it's time to prepare our houses with heating systems to persist cold winter. Since the old days, people are are crazy about fireplaces, as cozy nights spent by fire are always alluring. Those majestic dancing flames, the sound of crackling logs, the smell of real wood burning, the warmth brought into the room… all of it is so inviting.

However, the reality is messy, dangerous, and demanding: constantly feeding the flames, sweeping up ashes, and sparking burning holes in the rug. It could also mean a whole set of potential home and health risks. After all, fire is still fire – and with fire comes the hazards. 

Thus, you need a way to add a touch of warmth to your home without having to use traditional heating methods. That's why electric fireplaces have been the first choice of many fireplace lovers.

An electric fireplace with mantel brings together the advantages of an electric fireplace with a stunning-looking mantel surround to create a life-like imitation of a real open fireplace in your home.

We've put together a list of hot-selling electric fireplace mantels to suit every style and taste. From rustic to modern to unique, we've got you covered.

 Fireplace Mantel R.W.Flame


In a hurry?

Here are our top 3 picks for the best electric fireplace with mantel.

R.W.FLAME 50-inch Freestanding Stone Electric Fireplace Mantel Package
rwflame, R.W.Flame


 R.W.Flame Electric Fireplace Mantel

Dimensions:  48.43”x 14.57” x 40.35”Heat Options: 750W/1500W              Heat Output:  5100BTU              Coverage Area: 400 sq. ft

  • 3D Realistic Stone-Like Design
  • 7 Flame Brightness Settings
  • Premium Magnesium OxideMaterial
  • Flamewithout Heat
  • Remote Control


Stone fireplaces are a classic staple we love, but there are ways to implement the style if you don't have access to one.

This bold wooden mantel has a classic look and feels with its realistic stone-like design. Texture can play a massive role in the design of your fireplace and unevenly overlapping materials create a 3D effect. It's truly a best-of-both-worlds situation.            

The stone fireplace and wood furniture create a classic ranch or farmhouse look: warm, comfortable, and very inviting. It complements the various pieces of art while being a work of art itself.

Equipped with 7 settings of flame brightness, the electric fireplace displays a real flame-like to create a warm atmosphere. The LED display settings can be easily selected through the remote control. The only thing you need to do is to press the increase or decrease button to set your desired brightness. You can choose the softest brightness at the sleeping time and the brightest when you're in high spirits.


R.W.FLAME 36"Electric Fireplace Mantel Wooden Surround Firebox
rwflame, R.W.Flame


 R.W.Flame Fireplace Mantel

  Dimensions: 36.17"x 12.6"x 33.86"        Heat Options: 750W/1500W                Heat Output:  5100BTU                  Coverage Area: 400 sq.ft

  • Realistic Realistic Flame Effect
  • 7 Flame Brightness Settings
  • Two Heat Options
  • Cool-to-touch Glass
  • Multi-Functional: TV Cabinet
  • 100% energy-saving LED technology


When it comes to home decorating, it may just be the one space in your home where you can get mighty creative. The fireplace can be perfectly installed in the living room or entertainment center as a fireplace heater. Also, it could be a decorative fireplace with no heat for a year-round ambiance.

This fireplace below from R.W.FLAME uses a sleek tile-like mantle to create an artistic layout. The benefit of a black fireplace is how effortlessly it can work with different living room themes. It draws attention while still creating a sense of calm.              

And the black mantel works, as an ideal backdrop, and also allows its flame to truly shine. With its modern and elegant look, this electric fireplace is a perfect home ornament.

And the flame effect can be individually controlled without heating since it is equipped with a flame dimmer to adjust the brightness of the flame effect. The soft flickering lights provide a source of light during cold nights as well as a relaxing atmosphere. 



R.W.FLAME 27"Electric Fireplace Mantel Wooden Surround Firebox
rwflame, R.W.Flame


 R.W.Flame Electric Fireplace Mantel


 Dimensions: 26.58’’ x 11.59’’x 24.84’’   Heat Options: 750W/1500W                 Heat Output:  5100BTU               Coverage Area: 400 sq.ft

  • Energy Saving & Safe
  • Realistic Flame Effect
  • 7 Flame Brightness Settings
  • Two Heat Options
  • Perfect Home Decor
  • Multi-Functional: TV Cabinet


Electric fireplaces with mantels are a great way to create the atmosphere of having a real fire in your home but without the downsides of having to clean out the fireplace and maintain a fire.

Electric fireplaces don’t have a real flame and so there’s no worry about whether the fire will be producing smoke or keeps going out as a result of an issue. An electric fireplace doesn’t need a chimney or to be vented and so an electric fireplace mantel can be placed against pretty much any wall in your home.

You’ll just need to ensure that you have a standard electrical outlet nearby and you can be using your new electric fireplace with mantle in no time. Simply plug the fireplace in and you can turn on the flames and heater immediately.

Thus, an electric fireplace is a good fit for your home to keep warm. Featuring dual heating modes, the appliance can be set as high as 1500W and as low as 750W to achieve an energy-saving and fast-heating effect.

The front vent at the top of the fireplace heater will efficiently heat up to 400 square feet of room with its powerful heating element.



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