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For cigar smokers, there is nothing quite like unwinding after a long day with a quality cigar. Rolling the smoke around, enjoying the aromas and flavors and exhaling is one of the best ways to relax.


Cigars have been around for centuries and ever since they were first invented, it has become a part of the culture, even more of a family tradition. There is a long-winded history with cigars and one can enjoy the craftsmanship and pleasure while smoking.

To a non-cigar smoker, they will argue that cigars and cigarettes have the same flavors. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Each cigar will offer a unique flavor and experience of its own. Thus, there was a particular need for storing them properly.   

To age well, stogies need to stay in the right humidity and temperature. That way, they can enhance their flavor, age properly, and develop plumes.

However, cigars are manufactured from high-quality materials, which can decay easily because the materials used are organic.  

One way you can ensure proper storage for your premium cigars is by getting a good cigar humidor. Nowadays, however, the market is over-saturated with countless models, each oddly similar to the other.

To find out how cigar humidors work, you will need to know more about their features, and what they are made of. That is why, in this review, we will do a deep dive into the best cigar humidor for this year - Antarctic Star 15 Inch Silver Steel Cigar Humidor and see what the most notable pros and cons are.

1.OverallAppearance ★★★★★

From the appearance, this Antarctic Star 15 Inch Silver Steel Cigar Humidor has a narrow body of 14.9” W*22.9” D*34.2” H with metal primer. It is equipped with a stainless and iron body, which not only is sturdier and more durable but makes it looks more luxurious and elegant and perfect for under counter.

The silver frame and handle make it a stylish showcase that can match any of your furniture, whether it's in the living room or the kitchen.

As a cigar enthusiast who cherishes cigars, you might want to check how they are doing from time to time. But doing so will disturb the setting of the humidor.

The see-through glass can make it possible for you. The glass is used, moreover, won't be affected by outside light.


With LED lighting within, you can read the gauge without opening the humidor during the day or night. A view of your cigar collection will make your day joyful while not disturbing the humidity level.

When you walk past it throughout the day, you will love the very bright blue light in it, which gives it a nice look inside.


And it can also be a great focal point when others come into your room. It is especially a perfect way to display your entire cigar product line to customers.


2. Capacity ★★★★★


Cigar humidors come in various sizes, you must determine how many cigars you’d need to accommodate before purchasing a cigar humidor.

This Antarctic Star 15 Inch Silver Steel Cigar Humidor is 14.9” W*22.9” D*34.2” H, a large capacity enough to hold cigars with 3.61 cube feet. It could hold up to 500 cigars, meeting most users’ demands.

With its large capacity, you can organize your collection cleanly and neatly with less mess. Every cigar stick will get sufficient air this way.

3. Internal Shelves ★★★★☆

Antarctic Star 15 Inch Silver Steel Cigar Humidor has 2 adjustable wooden shelves and 1 adjustable wooden drawer. It could hold up to 500 cigars. While taking all the shelves out, it can hold considerably more cigars if you stack them together or organize them nicely.


The shelf display looks pretty good. The type of wood inside the humidor plays a role in adding an aroma to your aging cigars, and Spanish cedar which Antarctic Star 15 Inch Silver Steel Cigar Humidor’s shelves used is highly recommended.

Cedar wood is considered the most favorable material for a humidor for cigars. It makes the overall internal atmosphere adequate for maintaining the cigars’ taste and smell.


The slotted shelves are great since they've got holes in the back of them. Slots in the separators are adjustable so that you can separate your cigars from the front or from the back, which is quite nice for your presentation.

The shelves inside are not just flat shelves, they've got sides on them so if you are going to store single sticks in there, it makes it very easy to do.

The sliding action isn't smooth enough but it's fine since they’ve got a stopper back there. But you can still pull the whole shelves out if you need to.


4. Electronic Control ★★★★★

The electronic control on the top isn't overly complicated. It helps avoid temperature and humidity fluctuations, making cigars stored in a natural environment. 

There is a lock on the display, to change any of the settings you have to unlock the lock function. Holding these two buttons down together, it will change from Celsius to Fahrenheit when it starts beeping.

It's got a really big led light on the top, and it will automatically turn on when you open the door, which gives a lot to the display. You can see it down quite clearly even on the second shelf.

5. Performance ★★★★★


Just like wine and Scotch, cigars require proper storage and maintenance for them to age well. A good humidor could keep your cigars in perfect smoking shape with a rich, sweet, and smoky flavor over weeks, months, or even years.

Here, the top-selling Antarctic Star 15 Inch Silver Steel Cigar Humidor has a heating and cooling function to keep cigars in the ideal condition.


Around 65-72% moisture and 63-70F temperature are favorable settings for cigars. And this Antarctic Star 15 Inch Silver Steel Cigar Humidor could provide a user-adjustable temperature range (61-72℉), and a Humidity control range of 50-80%, suitable for longer storage and better flavor taste.

The Built-in Humidification System


Using semiconductor refrigeration technology and thermoelectric technology, the built-in fan on the back allows the inside air to circulate freely and frequently replaces it with the outside ambient air.


At the bottom, there is an extra tray for cigars which has measured marked space where you can track water for the humidifier.

First, pour the distilled water right inside this acrylic container halfway according to the measurement marks. The fan takes humidity from the holes underneath and shoots it out through these slots in the front. The humidity hits the door and keeps blowing onto the cigars.

Air closed-loop circulation can effectively maintain humidity, avoiding the sinking of moist air, and making the humidity of the upper and lower layers more uniform.

6. Safety ★★★★★


You probably won’t appreciate kids opening your humidor as it should be.

Antarctic Star 15 Inch Silver Steel Cigar Humidor provides Child Lock to keep safe for children and pets.

You must go for a lockable door if you have naughty kids and curious teenagers.

7. Low-Noise ★★★★★

Using high efficient and low energy consumption compressor, this Antarctic Star 15 Inch Silver Steel Cigar Humidor can keep your collection cool quickly while saving energy and efficiently dissipating heat.

It makes almost no noise, you barely even notice it. It will run quietly in your home or office and not cause vibrations promising you a sweet dream.

We have reviewed and rated the Antarctic Star 15 Inch Silver Steel Cigar Humidor from a different professional aspect. It all did pretty well.  All in all, this Cigar Humidor is quite a high-quality machine.


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Mike Ross

Mike Ross

I bought this unit on Wayfair. It has 3 shelves and room for one more I believe. Can I buy just the shelf? Thank you as I’m very happy with my purchase.
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