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Ice Maker Troubleshooting:  How to Fix an Ice Maker?

Ice Maker Troubleshooting: How to Fix an Ice Maker?

More and more people are passionate about the nugget ice which is known for its “chewable” qualities. Since it’s not always practical to visit a restaurant purely for the purpose of ice acquisition, nugget ice enthusiasts are pleased to have this coveted creation right at home. That makes the portable compact ice maker the new trend.

Are you quite satisfied operating your ice maker?

To answer this question. We've taken a close look at the top-selling nugget ice makers on the market today -- R.W. Flame Portable Nugget Ice Maker. Instead of discussing the advantages or disadvantages of it, we are going to fathom the problems you may encounter while using it.

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Sometimes you notice there's something wrong with your ice maker right away. Maybe the light in your ice maker won't turn on or your ice cubes won't come out as supposed. You might not know if it’s necessary to call a professional or if it’s something you can easily fix yourself. Diagnosing the problem yourself or not can be the difference between a quick fix and an expensive, unnecessary repair.

Don't worry! Here we have professionals from R.W.Flame to answer your questions instantly online. And we also prepare some tips for you to check your machine first before asking for professionals’ help.

Quick Troubleshooting

How Do You Troubleshoot a Portable Ice Maker?

To troubleshoot a portable ice maker, ensure the power is connected and check the water supply and the ice level. Additionally, check the outside carefully if the machine has been damaged and verify that the refrigerant is not leaking.

Check the power connection and the water supply.

If the device isn’t working or making any noise, it may be unplugged. Check the electrical plug to ensure it’s connected. If it is, check the outlet and circuit breaker to ensure power is available.


1.Why wont my ice maker stop even when the ice is full ?

①Move the unit to a place with weaker light to check if the problem can be solved.

②If not, you may need to replace the left bracket assembly, or use the forced 10-round ice-making function.

Press and hold the big and small ice switch buttons for 5 seconds to enter the 10-round ice-making program. It's about a basket of ice.

2.Why does the unit shows water leakage while there is enough water and the unit does not make ice?

①Restart the unit after the ice box is turned over. And then check whether water is pumped into the ice box.

If water is not pumped, the water pump may be break.

3.The light of the mainboard keeps flashing.

①The mainboard maybe damaged. Consult with professionals.

4.The unit cannot be turned on.

①There is no power input.

Check the power cord first. If the unit still cannot be turned on, consult with professionals.

5.The motor is running, but the fan won't run and the machine isn't pumping water.

①The ice tray may be broken.

Replace the ice tray assembly.

6.The unit does not work and there is water in the unit.

①Move the machine to a place where the light is darker, and then clean the two ice-filled probes on the left and right of the machine.

If the unit still does not work, use a hair dryer to blow hot air against the two probes for 1-2 minutes.

②The mainboard maybe damaged, please consult with professionals.

7.The unit cannot cool down completely.

①Check whether the compressor has started.

If the compressor starts, there is a high probability that there is liquid leakage.

②If the compressor does not start, the compressor wire may be loose or the compressor may be broken.

8.Put the ice in the basket while it's not frozen yet.

①If the ice has not formed for more than 7 minutes, it may be that the refrigerant is insufficient.

②If the water is poured back within 5 minutes, check if the warning light is on.

9.The unit cannot make ice normally while it can frost.

①Make sure that there are more than half of the water in the water tank.

If the water cannot fill up, it may be that the water valve is not opened. Or the water pressure is too low.

10.Ice cubes stick together.

①The ice making cycle is too long.

Stop the ice maker, and restart it when the ice blocks melt. Select the small size ice cube selection.

②Water temperature in the inner tank is too low.

Replace the water. Temperature of water recommended at 40℉-90℉.



How do I clean the fan on the side I can’t take the guard off

Worked great and first, then I did a clean cycle, changed the water and everything and it stopped making ice. Nobody bothered to respond

Same problem as everyone else my machine broke within 2 weeks and they won’t return my unit. Terrible company!

My machine worked GREAT for about a week, maybe two and then started making a loud motor noise but won’t make ice. After FINALLY getting a response they tell me to wash with vinegar I had to do it 11 times to get the smell out and it still not working. They said they wanted me to send a video of the problem and I have but now they’re asking for it again, so I did. In the meantime in between time my ice machine STILL BROKE!!! It’s too hot to not have it and I had to buy a piece of garbage replacement for now but I wouldn’t recommend as of now but I’ll keep you posted!!!

Received our ice maker 04/19/2023 hooked it up and worked great until last week. If you run the clean cycle it draws the water up, but if on the ice cycle the water stays in the bottom of the maker.


I have tried for days to chat with someone. I have contacted the Amazon messenger service you sent in the booklet. I bought my machine in September and it has stopped working completely as of April 10th. .i have did the cleaning as explained in the booklet several times. It stopped producing ice period. The last ice it made had a grey looking substance on it and smelled like refrigerant. I would like help to resolve this matter. Your chat site doesnt work or respond either. At this time I would not recommend this to anyone.

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