How to Reverse the Door Swing of a Wine Cooler?

Reversing the door swing of a wine cooler can be a practical solution in many certain situations.

Space Constraints

If your wine cooler is placed in a tight or confined space, such as against a wall or in a corner, reversing the door swing can provide better accessibility and make it easier to open and close the door without any obstructions.


Depending on the location of your wine cooler, reversing the door swing can make it more convenient to access your wine collection. For example, if the wine cooler is in a high-traffic area or near a dining table, having the door swing in a certain direction may facilitate easier access for serving and retrieving bottles.

Aesthetic Considerations

Reversing the door swing can also be done for aesthetic purposes. If the current door swing direction clashes with the overall design or flow of your kitchen or living space, reversing it can help create a more harmonious and visually appealing environment.

If you are attempting to reverse the door swing, follow us with the following instructions. We will give you professional assistance to ensure that it can be done safely.




TOOLS NEEDED: Phillips screwdriver #2 or 5/16" (8 mm) socket tool and thin flathead screwdriver. The wine and beverage center is shipped with the door hinge brackets attached on the right side. The door may be reversed to allow opening from the left side.

If you plan on reversing the door hinges, DO NOT plug the wine and beverage center into the power outlet.



The compressor and motor components are installed at the back of the wine and beverage center and may easily be damaged if the unit is placed on its back.

Step1: Gently remove the plastic hole insert plugs from the left side of the wine and beverage center with a thin flathead screwdriver. Save the plugs for Step 11.


Step2: Loosen the triangular bracket cover by pushing the bracket cover towards the back of the wine and beverage center and simultaneously pulling up.


Step3: Slide the cover towards the front of the wine and beverage center and lift off.


Step4: Remove the metal bracket by unscrewing the three screws.

 Step5: Lift and remove the door.


 Step6: Rotate door 180° so that the handle is on the opposite side.


Step7: With the unit on its side, remove the bottom metal base bracket with a nylon washer. Unscrew the axle insert with a flathead screwdriver. Screw into the opposite hole of the metal base bracket.


Step7a: Gently place the wine and beverage center on the opposite side to complete the door reversal. Remove the screw and re-insert to the opposite side. Re-attach the metal base bracket with nylon washer on the new hinge side. Lift the unit to an upright position.


 Step8: To reattach the door, place the door onto the bottom axle insert. Place the top bracket into the door and align the metal bracket holes over the holes in the top of the unit cabinet. Tighten the three screws to hold in place.


 Step9: The rubber gasket should be compressed on all sides of the door. If the gasket is more compressed on one side, the metal bracket position should be adjusted. Make sure the door is level. Once the door position is finalized, securely tighten the screws.


 Step10: Reinstall the triangular bracket cover by carefully threading the bracket cover onto the metal bracket and pressing it down.


Step11: Reinstall all plastic hole insert plugs. The re-installation of the plastic hole insert plugs is important to maintain the seal and integrity of the insulation. Extra inserts are included in case the plugs are damaged during removal.


MPORTANT: It is extremely important to wait at least six hours before plugging the wine and beverage center into a power outlet. During the door reversal process, the refrigerant and compressor oil fluids are mixed. It is important to allow the refrigerant and compressor oil to separate and settle so the compressor operates properly. Failure to do so will cause severe mechanical problems, perhaps even the destruction of the unit’s motor/compressor, and will void the warranty.

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