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How To Choose An Ideal Color Of Your Stove

How To Choose An Ideal Color Of Your Stove

Have you ever wondered how to choose an ideal color for your stove? Browse the website and find that most stores only sell black stoves. However, does the stove always have to be black? The answer is no! Today, we'll take the R.W.FLAME Fireplaces as an example and help you choose a suitable color for your home.


Kandinsky divides color psychology into two parts: the direct and indirect psychological induction of color. Different colors and different color combinations have different effects on human psychology. Therefore, color is an effective way to convey information about products to buyers.


With this factor in mind, R.W.FLAME. has launched some different colors of stoves for you to choose from. Do not know which one is suitable for your home? Don't worry. We'll introduce them to you.


Stove in Black

First comes black. There is no doubt that black, the classic color, is always the first choice. From the definition of color, black is considered a classic and mysterious color. Theoretically, black is a color without color while it is a luxury color. This color symbolizes quietness, contemplation, solemnity, perseverance, etc. Although black is a relatively gloomy color, it creates a simple style that shows a high-end texture.


The design of R.W.FLAME fireplaces was inspired by the church, which also symbolizes perseverance and firmness. Black can never be isolated and single users. When designing, the combination of black and other colors is an excellent background color, which can fully emphasize the other colors.


R.W.FLAME stove is equipped with 5 flame & flame bed brightness settings and 4 flame & flame bed color modes which form an extinguished contract with the black metal. Just imagine the colorful dancing fire surrounded by the cold black metal, the same as your passionate heart under the quiet look. What's more, black is more resistant to dirt than other colors which give you more convenience in cleaning.


Stove in Gray

Gray is an achromatic color that only has brightness. Gray is a color between black and white. More subdued than white, and more elegant than black, gray is a very elastic color. This color is not as hard as black which is so bright and dazzling. But it's not discouraged or pessimistic, even more, potential than black.


Bright colors will bring people a strong sense of emotion, and it will make people exhausted after looking at it for a long time. Gray conveys fewer emotions, better reflecting the meaning of color itself. We know that you're a gentle and humble person, so gray is your best choice. Life requires taste, color requires transit, and gray is just the middle "bus station". It will never let you down.


Gray is often used as a background color. It's a very easy-going color to match with any color and to make them more prominent. The colorful fluttering flame collides with the gray metal, creating a quiet and simple life atmosphere for your family. "No one is born gray." There comes an old saying that the older you are, the more you can understand the value of gray.


Stove in Blue

Some people hold the view that blue is a gloomy color, while some consider it a symbol of power. According to a survey of people's favorite colors, blue won the highest love. It is because blue itself features the most liberal but conservative dual character. So it can satisfy the taste of many people with different personalities.


Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It combines rationality and calmness with lovely activeness. When matched with some warm colors, such as flickering flames, to form a sharp contrast between cold and warm, it will provide you with a sense of a vigorous atmosphere.


People feel differently about each kind of blue. R.W.FLAME stoves use Cambridge blue which can bring you a soft feeling. The blue light wave is shorter than the green one, and its imaging position on the retina is the lightest. Therefore, when the color of the flame is the forward color, blue is the backward color. It can convey ease and affinity, which could stabilize your emotions. If your business is booming during the day, enjoy a comfortable rest at night with R.W.FLAME blue stoves.



Stove in Beige

Do you not like the above-mentioned two colors? Well, then check out this beige stove. Beige is a color between light tan and white. That is to say, beige is a slightly lighter cream yellow than white. This color not only has the elegant feeling of light tan, which is a bit more refreshing than light tan but also is a little warmer and nobler than white.


Beige is difficult to match in spring or summer because of its low saturation. However, it's a common color in autumn and winter. If you are an artistic girl, then this R.W.FLAME Beige Fireplace must be an ideal choice for you. Unlike the seriousness and coolness expressed by the black stove, the beige stove indicates warmth and liveliness.


It looks more elegant and brighter, providing a healing and romantic ambiance in your room. Step from the cold outdoors into a warm and lively house. What an enjoyable feeling! 


Stove in Dark Green

If the decoration style of your house is the below three styles: Scandinavian, minimalist, and Chinese, then you must not miss this color - dark green.


Dark green, the king color in the retro style, is elegant, leisurely, and luxurious. The mixture of black and green combines the composure of black with the harmony and health of green. It is easy-going, but not mediocre; it is quiet, but not dumb. The strong but vigorous dark green seems like the dark ink is spilled on a natural picture. This unique color provides you with a feeling of retro fashion.


Considering that people's vision reacts most calmly to green light, R.W.FALME stoves decided to adopt the color dark green to give you a sense of hope and contentment. The dark green color of living at home is the channel connecting the lawn and garden outside the window. Even in the whistling winter, you'll feel the vitality of life. If you happen to be interested in this color, try it in your room, and its beauty will make you linger.



So, what are you waiting for? These colored stoves will surely meet your desire if you're looking for an ideal stove.


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