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Choose the color of a fireplace stove that best suits your decoration style

Choose the color of a fireplace stove that best suits your decoration style

For most houses, not every room has a fireplace. Some bedrooms and study rooms, and even children's toy rooms, won’t have a fireplace taking into account the cost or safety issues. Some rooms may not have a wall space reserved for a fireplace during renovations. Redecorating requires knocking on walls, digging holes, painting, or installing an extra bracket. These expenses add up to more than the price of a fireplace. It's not cost-effective to do so. Then a portable stove is the most convenient and cost-effective option. All you have to do is buy it at home, power it up, and enjoy the warmth from it. You can use it not only while reading, but also while cooking, sleeping, or chatting with your family. And electric stoves do not require a chimney, and there is no risk of harmful gases. That is the best choice in terms of safety and money saving.

Fireplaces in different colors can make different home styles look more harmonious. As a manufacturer of electric fireplaces, Rwflame has launched 5 different colored electric fireplace stoves to choose from. You can choose the most suitable one according to the color of the living room or bedroom. When you don't want to change the overall style of your room, choosing a stove in the most appropriate color can be very important.

According to the popular online design platform Decorist, the five most popular home design styles right now, in order of popularity are Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, Eclectic, and Mid-century Modern. This article will recommend suitable fireplaces according to different styles.



Dark wood furniture and old decorative paintings are essential elements of traditional decoration. They usually use ornaments with classic elements and personalize them with small decorations in rich colors. To make the whole look more unified, we can use a black fireplace.


The R.W.Flame Black Electric Stove features a European medieval-style line border and a variety of color-changing flames. R.W.Flame Electric Fireplace Stove design uses elements of European churches. The calm black appearance and durable tempered glass not only match the traditional style of a living room and bedroom but also bring a different change to this room by adjusting the flame color. This R.W.Flame electric fireplace stove contains 4 colors of flame and 4 colors of flame beds. You can mix and match as you like. Three-sided glass and a 180° viewing range mean that no matter what angle you're at, you'll be able to see flame burns. Just like in front of a real fireplace.





Contemporary styles often use uniform bright colors, line rugs, and trim with metal borders. They pursue fashion and novelty and have higher requirements for color. Therefore, we can choose the matching stove according to the color of the sofa or bed. Such as putting a dark green stove next to a blue sofa or TV wall.

Dark Green is a common color in Contemporary styles, and they usually give a sense of peace and well-being. And dark green can match any color of furniture and wallpaper. People used to use this color on sofas and cabinets. But now R.W.Flame has a new dark green stove. Whether your room features marble elements or metal line elements, it can be perfectly matched.



The decoration style between traditional and modern is called transition. They may have installed a tech light fixture above the traditional heavy dining table. It is also possible to place a chair with a traditional pattern next to the soft fabric sofa. The whole room looks very harmonious despite being composed of different styles of furniture. The clever use of mixed colors creates a transition between different pieces of furniture.

Calm and muted tones are generally chosen in transitional spaces. In a suitable living environment, reject any kind of harsh color. Great shades for transitional spaces are warm neutrals (cream, off-white, brown, chocolate), cool neutrals (light gray, silver, snow), and calming colors (haze blue, light rose, light blue)

R.W.Flame Blue Electric Fireplace Stove can bring more interest to a room, and the muted color will make the room look lighter. Even in the cold season, there is a feeling that spring is coming. Choose a light blue that is centered in color to give the entire room a cohesive look.




Eclectic decoration usually uses some irregular structural furniture or throw pillows. They combine features from several periods and different countries. Although the items are mismatched, each item has a need to exist. Their purposeful combination gives the room an unusual balance. The R.W.Flame Beige Electric Fireplace Stove blends well with any style. Beige is a very understated and bright color. No matter which decorating style you mix and match, the beige stove can blend it well.



Mid-Century Modern

Teak furniture, curved sofas, and Eames chairs are the most striking features of the mid-century style. They demand practicality more than appearance. But the transitional emphasis on practicality will make the room look very ordinary. So, we can add some metal and glass elements to make the room less monotonous. Gray works well against other materials, such as metal finishes and glass, while making the room more vibrant. A gray fireplace is neither as bright as white nor as icy as black. R.W.Flame Gray Electric Fireplace Stove meets the practicality emphasized in mid-century style while making the room look sleeker.


Whatever the style of your room,R.W.Flame has a variety of options to meet your needs.

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