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Best Household Gadget to Beat the Heat -- R.W.Flame Ice Cream Maker

Best Household Gadget to Beat the Heat -- R.W.Flame Ice Cream Maker

Would you love to have a bowl of rich, creamy ice cream, to avoid the scorching heat of summer?  

One of the most traditional warm-weather treats is ice cream -- a frozen mixture of cream, sugar, milk and flavorings.

Whether you’re having an indulgent evening in, you’re entertaining friends, or simply craving something sweet, ice cream is the fuss-free dessert that hits the spot every time.

But instead of picking up one at the store, you can make it at home anytime when you have a craving. Homemade ice cream allows you control all of the ingredients and get creative with flavors.  

However, if you are not so confident about your handicraft, then an electric ice cream maker might make it very easy. You can technically make ice cream without a fancy machine, but a quality at-home ice cream maker simplifies the process of making fruity sorbets and decadent flavors — typically all you have to do is pour in the ingredients and let the machine do the work.

With RWFLAME Ice Cream Maker, you can produce delicious ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and frozen yogurt at the touch of a button.

1.Compact Size  ★★★★★

The RWFLAME Ice Cream Maker is a stylish, pretty-colored, freeze-first machine that makes 0.8 liters of creamy, light ice cream quietly and effortlessly, as well as iced fruit desserts and sorbet. 0.8L capacity serves about 5 cups yogurt or 9 gelato balls or 6 ice cream waffles, etc. at one time.

With a compact size of 12.4'' x 9.25'' x 8.31'', the Gelato maker is applicable to multiple places, also easy to store, and fits any countertop in your kitchen and living room.

Clean up is a doddle, too. The essential parts in this ice cream maker such as the loading bowl, mixing blade, transparent lid, and motor can be drawn out for cleaning. And it is also really easy to assemble.

2.One Knob Control  ★★★★★

Ice cream maker features 3 Modes: ice cream, single mixing, and single refrigeration.

A simple knob control, fills your daily needs to make ice cream. Just add ingredients to the bowl, lid-lock, and turn the knob to ice cream mode. 10 short beeps to indicate completion, then you can enjoy your own ice cream at ease.  

While it’s a little basic in design, this is a budget-friendly option that makes ice cream well.

This ice cream maker also has a friendly design, we all know that ice cream is easy to melt if you forget to take it out in time or when you are in the middle of other things. To maintain a chilled state and freshness, the sorbet maker will auto-keep cool 1hrs without other operation.

3.Make High-Quality Ice Cream  ★★★★★

Discreet and simply designed, this ice cream maker from RWFLAME makes ice cream within just 60 minutes, and you don't need to pre-cool it.

This ice cream maker machine has an efficient self-cool compressor, different from other traditional ice cream machine that needs to pre-freezing the bowl. You can make tasty ice cream less than an hour, which is an ideal partner for your summer.

Compared with other ice cream makers whose lid is opaque, this machine has a transparent lid, meaning you can check on your ice cream, and enjoy the ice cream-making progress.  

Equipped with a powerful motor, you’re able to enjoy ice cream in just tens of minutes. It also has a high-quality mixing blade to churn ice cream or mash fresh fruit for smooth or chunky iced desserts. If you can really get the most out of this machine, your ice cream may have a delicious, light, and creamy consistency.

It’s straight to the point; it doesn’t have as many settings as some of the models we’ve tested on this list, but it makes consistently delicious, ice cream parlor-level desserts.

The ice cream it made was a soft-serve texture and was nicely whipped and creamy. Sorbet came out very soft, so we’d recommend popping it in the freezer straight away: it was delicious after further freezing.

4.Safe and Durable  ★★★★★

Motor Self-Protection Function

The motor has an overcurrent protection function. For example,  when the hardness of ice cream reaches the set value, it will stop automatically.

In the ice cream mode and single mixing mode, if the motor components are not installed in place, the buzzer will give an alarm of 10 buzzing sounds every 30s, which will last for 10 times. If the motor components are not installed in place after that, the machine will enter the standby state.

Compressor Self-Protection Function

After switching from ice cream mode or single refrigeration mode to shutdown mode, if it is switched back to ice cream mode or single refrigeration mode again, the compressor has a protection time of about 3 minutes. However, after unplugging the power line, if start the machine again, the default setting is to restart the machine.

At this time, there is no delay when selecting ice cream mode or single refrigeration mode again.

One of my favorite things about this ice cream maker is how quiet it is. While some other ice cream makers might make loud mechanical whirring sounds, this little thing purrs along quietly as it churns.


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