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2021 best electric wall mount fireplace

2021 best electric wall mount fireplace

The best electric fireplaces can do more than just heat up your living spaces, with features that allow them to double up as stylish interior centerpieces. Whether you opt for a small electric fireplace or something a bit bigger, this guide can assure you of all the information you need to know, from dimensions to assembly, so you can get that warm, fuzzy feeling in your own home.

There are varying types of electric fireplaces, with one major distinction being between wall-mounted models and those which are not. Wall-mounted fireplaces are a great choice if you don’t want to clutter up your living space, whilst alternative models can be built into furniture such as TV sets or stand-alone for a more authentic look. There’s a world of choice when it comes to the display of your electric fireplace too, with technology that can create realistic-looking flames in a variety of colors, as well as crackle sounds.

The more powerful electric fireplaces in this guide are able to heat up to 1,000 square feet, which is perfect for those with open plan living spaces. If you don’t need your heat to be quite so far-reaching, then a smaller fireplace will be able to heat 400 square feet in no time and cost less in the process. Beyond heating, lots of fireplaces in this guide have excellent features to make your life easier too, including timers, auto-shutoff, and remote controls. That means that electric fireplaces are not only more efficient than gas or wood-burning alternatives but a lot easier to use too.

The RWFLAME is another option for consumers looking for a recessed electric fireplace at the low end of the budget range. This little fireplace kicks out enough heat to warm up a 400 square feet area, so it’s perfect for small to medium sized rooms. There are two power settings depending on your needs and how cold it is. The infrared heating system also prevents the air from drying out in the room.

It has a multi-color flame option and five brightness settings, letting you adjust the flames to suit your mood and situation. All of this can be controlled either via remote control or through the built-in touchscreen.

The lack of a thermostat is the only major downside to the RWFLAME 50-Inch Recessed Electric Fireplace, but if you’re looking for a decent, affordable electric fireplace then this is a fine choice.

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