R.W.Flame Portable Fridge Freezer, Car Refrigerator for Camping, Drivi — R.W.FLAME

R.W.Flame Portable Fridge Freezer, Car Refrigerator for Camping, Driving, Travel, Fishing


About this item

  • Refrigeration System:High quality variable frequency DC compressor and drive module are adopted to build a high-effciency, energy-saving, stable, reliable, and mobile refrigeration system.
  • Various Scenes:The refrigerator is compatible with a variety of power inputs. The intelligent recognition of DC12/24 V voltage function enables the refrigerator to meet the needs of various scenes, such as in a car, marine, house, or outdoor environment.
  • Touch Lock and LED Light: The touch lock on the intelligent control panel can prevent children from accidentally touching.The built-in LED light makes the refrigerator more convenient to use at night.
  • Low Voltage Protection Function Setting:This product has the function of low voltage protection. When it detects that the battery voltage is lower than the set value, it will automatically turn off the compressor to prevent over discharging and the concomitant battery damage. The refrigerator's voltage detection and low voltage protection can effectively prevent the car battery from over discharging.
  • Compressor Two Working Mode: If you need the refrigerator to lower the temperature rapidly, switch it to the "Max" mode; or, if you only need to refrigerate or to keep the temperature, you can set the refrigerator to the "Eco" mode to save energy and power.


  • Temperature control range:-4°F-68°F
  • Standard voltage input range:DC12V/24V

  • Net weight:22lb
  • Product size(L*W*H): 22"*12"* 10" 
  • Insulation material: polyurethane foam
  • Best for Jeep, Suv, Truck, Van, RV, Boat, And Other Vehicles.
  • Rate power: 45W+20%
  • Rate current: 3.75A/1.875A
  • Package include: Car refrigerator, DC cable, adaptor,User's Manual
  • High efficiency compressor: ECO and MAX mode adjustable.
  • Capacity: 16L
  • Insulation layer thickness: 35mm-40mm

Download User's Manual: FC4218-BLUE

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