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Patio Heater


RW High Quality  Propane patio heaters, outdoor electric heater offer an incredible outdoor living space.Our outdoor electric patio heaters is a safe and convenient way to cheaply make your home improvement.

1.Fast and powerful heating:Infrared patio heater is ideal options for heating the seating areas in your patio and garden. In commercial premises such as a restaurant, hotel, pub beer garden or coffee shops,electric infrared heaters can offer instant warmth. With infrared technology you have an incredibly stylish range of designs to choose from.  Wall mounted heaters, hanging or free standing options are available.This outdoor patio heater combines the latest carbon infrared heating technology .Therefore, this heater can release a large amount of heat in a very short time. Meanwhile, we also improve the heating area, so that the heat will not overflow the heating range, saving energy. The following are the product parameters: Heating range 110~160 sq, AC110-120V, 60Hz, 750W/1500W, heat-up time 3 seconds. Perfect for room heating!

2.Simple and beautiful design: This propane heater has a heating elelment that can be turn on to ptoduce heat,allow the heat settings to be adjusted to suit your preference. it come with remote controls, allowing you to adjust the heat output from the comfort of your seat!  All metal body, solid base, simple design but has a different aesthetic feeling, the sturdy base absorbs most of the impact and wind, making it safer to heat. Adjustable height heating elements and removable metal body make heating more flexible, you can adjust according to the user's height. The display screen can clearly show the working status of the product, heating power can be controlled by remote control. Truly beautiful and practical!

3.Multiple security techniques: First of all, this product has a built-in induction device. Once the temperature of the product reaches the critical value or the voltage of the product is unstable, the product will automatically cut off power. Secondly, if the product is accidentally knocked down, the induction device of the product will also automatically cut off power, which is very suitable for families with children or pets. The most important thing is always safety!