Top Choices of Ice Maker for Different Types of Ice

Are you a cold drink buff? Whether you drink cocktails, sodas, spirits, or water, ice is an important sidekick.

Some people like ice so much that they will drive out of their way to get to a fast-food restaurant or convenience store that has it!

You could spend a couple of days building up an ice supply in your freezer, but that’s a tedious process. A portable ice maker could be the perfect solution for you. With an efficient ice maker, filling and emptying ice molds or buying a bag of ice becomes a thing of the past. It’s a handy tool no matter the setting, though if you’re one to entertain, this appliance is sure to become your best friend.

There is such a wide selection of quality ice makers on the market from a wide variety of famous brands. Choosing the perfect ice maker can be tough, and it comes down to a few key details: What kind of space you can allocate, the quality and type of ice you’re looking for, and how much you need at one time.

Once you’ve laid out your priorities and needs, see our picks of the best ice makers for every demand.



Cubed vs. Bullet vs. Nugget Ice



We are all well aware that ice comes in several different types. The different ice types are a big deal – different ice types for a variety of beverages. If you choose the wrong type of ice, it can destroy the flavor of your beverage.

Depending on what you are using the ice for, will tell you what type of ice maker you should purchase.

Cubed Ice


The cube is probably the most common shape of ice. When I even mention ice, it’s the first thing that comes to your mind.

This low-melting gourmet-loved ice is the ice you would find in high-end restaurants or fancy dinner parties.  Besides, clear square cubes are featured with slow-melting, fine in shape, and pure in clarity an identity. It’s an ideal choice for Home/Kitchen/Office/Bar/Party.


R.W.Flame Cubed Ice Maker




Dimensions: 14*10*14.6in

Output:  44Lbs/24H

Water Tank Capacity: 3.2L

Timer: 1-24H

Accessories: Ice Basket, Ice Scoop

  • Quick Continuous Ice Making
  • 2 Ways To Add Water
  • Smart LED Panel
  • Self-Cleaning Function
  • Compact Portable Size
  • Visible Window


This R.W.Flame Cubed Ice Maker produces 24 pcs of ice cubes every 12 mins, which means you'll have 44lbs of ice per day, and stores as much as 2.7 pounds of ice at a time. 

The compact size makes it very easy to carry. Made of stainless steel, this machine is durable and strong enough to hold bottled water of 5L max.

Simply open the dust-proof on top of the ice maker and add water manually or place bottled water on the supporting seat to automatically fill the 3.2L water tank.

The ice maker machine is equipped with a smart LCD panel. Any function can be operated in the easy-to-read control panel: 1-12H timing, ice full reminder, water shortage reminder, and self-cleaning.



Bullet Ice




Bullet ice got its name from its bullet-like shape, and it's much harder than the other types of ice. It's also round and hollow in the middle, which means it's structurally different (and easy to identify).

Bullet ice is very versatile. You can use it in your beverages, add bullet ice to a cooler for keeping your drinks chilled, or add it to a blender for making your favorite smoothie.



Antarctic Star Bullet Ice Ice Maker



Dimensions: 13.9*9.5*13in

Output:  24Lbs per day

Timer: 1-24H

Accessories: Ice Basket, Ice Scoop

  • Efficient Ice Making
  • Low Voice
  • Smart LED Panel
  • Self-Cleaning Function
  • 2 Ice Sizes Optional
  • Visible Window


Antarctic Star ice maker has a powerful and fast ice-making capacity. It can make batches of ice cubes in about 26 lbs of ice per day and makes batches of ice cubes in about 6-13 mins. In the hot summer, you can enjoy drinks and beer with ice cubes.

This countertop ice maker machine achieves low noise level, fast cooling effect, and low consumption with a powerful compressor, highlight-quality paper aluminum fin condenser, and 21g R600a refrigerant. It runs at less than 45dB, which means your entertainment will not be disturbed.

Antarctic Star ice maker is made of food-grade material, and a durable ABS shell, which is smooth and easy to clean and without any odor.

Equipped with an alarm function and automatic shutdown function, it can produce 2 different sizes of ice. The translucent window makes it available to observe the ice-making progress.


Nugget Ice


Nugget ice is soft and chewy. One of the best benefits of nugget ice is that it fills your glass with this soft-chewable ice and that it chills your beverage quickly.

Those who are ice chewer love nugget ice because it’s soft and better for your teeth. Nugget ice is so soft that it almost breaks apart in your mouth; it’s also porous, so it soaks up all the flavor of your drink so you can enjoy the taste right to the very end.



R.W.Flame Nugget Ice Maker



Dimensions: 9.4*13.2*15.3in

Capacity:  2.4L

Timer: 1-24H

Accessories: Ice Basket, Ice Scoop

  • Quick Continuous Ice Making
  • Chewable Nugget Ice
  • Smart Lcd Panel
  • Self-Cleaning Function
  • Compact Portable Size
  • Visible Window



R.W.Flame Nugget Ice Maker is equipped with a powerful compressor but operates with low noise. After pressing the ICE/CLEAN button, the ice machine began to drop ice continuously after 10 minutes.  It can produce 44 lbs of nugget ice in 24hrs. Your family will never run out of fresh ice cubes.

R.W.Flame ice maker makes crushed, chewable ice, unlike those hard ice cubes, crushed nugget ice is made to cool down drinks faster and provide crunchy chewable joy. Now you don't have to drive to the store to get crushed ice, you can have it directly from your countertop whenever you like!


With this compact Ice Maker, you don't need to deal with giant bags of ice from the store or constantly refill ice cube trays. It can be convenient for people who regularly entertain or are serious about their home bars.



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